After The First Child


I remember when my little B was born…like it was yesterday.  We brought him home from the hospital and I was so batshit crazy protective of him that I wouldn’t even let his older brothers carry him in the car seat carrier.  Like somehow I just had this overwhelming anxiety that they were going to drop him and kill him.  I remember taking him to one of their basketball games and I swore I could see the germs floating in that gymnasium.  I even googled to see if it was even safe for my 2 week old baby to be out in public.

One morning I was getting ready to leave the house with him and at the time my husband and I did not have a bed frame, just a mattress of the floor.  Little B was laying on the mattress and somehow had wiggled himself around enough to where he slid down blankets and onto the floor.  He didn’t even cry until I was standing over him with a OH SHIT beyond shocked look on my face.  As soon as he saw that I was upset it caused him to be upset.  He was fine but all day I kept checking him…wouldn’t let him go to sleep, never once let him out of my sight.  The paranoia was overwhelming.  I kept thinking to myself…”Am I a crazy mom or is every mother like this with their first child?”…


…fast forward to baby #3…

By the time little Z came into the world I was an expert.  I realized that having a beer or a glass of wine wasn’t going to taint my breastmilk.  I knew how to change a diaper with one hand tied behind my back.  When she started to crawl I didn’t mop the floor every 30 minutes thinking that she was going to contract some strange flesh eating bacteria and if her pacifier fell on the floor then I just ran some water over it and gave it back to her without boiling it in a pot on the stove for 10 minutes.  And guess what?   She survived!!!


Little Z has also become independent a lot faster then my first two.  She hasn’t been in a high chair since shortly after her one year birthday.  She refused to sit in one since her brother and sister were sitting at the table.  And she learned how to prop herself up on her knees to be able to reach.  She was also using utensils.  I remember taking her for a well check and the pediatrician being shocked that she new how already.  Funny thing is I didn’t teach her…she taught herself by watching the others.  When she falls down I tell her she is fine and to just get back up.  I still kiss the boo boo because somehow mommy’s kisses fix everything but once that is done she is up and running again.

Potty training my other two took some time as well and they wore diapers to bed for quite some time after they had learned to use the potty all throughout the day.  But not little Z…she caught on so quick and one night while in the midst of potty training I had ran out of diapers and it was late and I didn’t feel like going to the store so I put her to bed in her undies.  And to my surprise she was dry the next morning…and the morning after that…and so on.


In answering my own question…yes I do think as mothers we are a bit coo coo crazier after we have had our first child and by the 3rd you just rub dirt on the situation. These days I only get frantic if there is blood involved.  And even then a band-aid and mommy’s kisses make it all better.  Well except for the other day when my daughter stepped on a piece of glass and it got stuck in her foot and I had her sit on the couch until daddy got home because as I attempted to get it out…I almost fainted.

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