Wine Review: Uncensored

Tonight’s selection is “Uncensored” Red Blend by Geyser Peak.


I am all about a catchy label or a catchy name and in this case it was both.   Let’s face it…most of my life is uncensored so why not drink the wine that tells the same story.   This wine is a tasty one.  Even the description of the ingredients on the back of the bottle had my taste buds watering.  Especially with the talk of dark chocolate and a whiff of toasted marshmallows from a campfire.  Makes me want to start a fire in my fire pit outside if only the wind wasn’t blowing 100 miles an hour which makes it feel like below zero this time of year.  So instead I will finish off this delicious bottle in the comfiness of my recliner, in the warmth of the four walls of my bedroom.