Revamp…It’s My New Year Word

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I have been reading quite a bit of articles the past couple weeks about how and why making resolutions can often lead to failure.  Of course probably the most common resolution made is that of losing weight or exercising more.

Instead of making resolutions, I switched mine to goals.  Tiny goals that I would set up for myself and when I achieved each one, I would reward myself.  Then I read somewhere about coming up with a word that you want your new year to revolve around.

Therefore, I have chosen the word REVAMP. ¬†The definition of revamp by way of Google¬†is this…

Verb: give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to

Noun: an act of improving the form, structure, or appearance of something

This word describes every resolution decision, proposal, motion, target, objective, intent, wish, dream, aspiration, ambition, desire, plan, purpose, goal that I want to become of 2016.

I am not sure why this year I have decided is my year to revamp my life but something tells me it’s time. ¬†Maybe that’s because I had 3 babies in 3 years time and for most of the last 6 years I have lived in a fog of pure and utter mommy mania. ¬†Feeding them, bathing them, clothing them, scolding them, teaching them…repeat.images.jpeg ¬†Not that I don’t still do some of that stuff… **has already scolded one about 3 times today**, but this is the year they will be 6, 5, and 4 and they have started to become more independent little people and less reliant on me. ¬†No I am not sad about that. ¬†Nope, not even a little bit.

I like the fact that on Saturday mornings my 6 year old can get the cereal and milk out and help his sister’s with getting some breakfast so that mommy here can get to sleep in….if even for an extra 30 minutes. ¬†Sometimes I am awake but just like to be able to lay there and not jump up and get going right away.

They are all in school now.  Granted the girls are home before lunch but those few hours between 8 and 11:30 give me a chance to do whatever it is I feel like doing without dragging anyone along with me.  This makes mommy happy!200.gif

Part of me feels selfish for feeling happy wanting to finally do something for myself but the truth is by always doing for everyone else I was turning into quite the depressed and bitchy individual.  I have even become more of an introvert than what I used to be.  Is that even possible?

So what do I plan to revamp you ask?

Myself ~ I plan to get healthier, eat better, quit drinking so much, quit stressing about things I have no control over, learn to deal with the stress when it does rear it’s ugly head, have more compassion for the human race, revamp my attitude. ¬†Except for the guy who still stands on the corner sidewalk at Wal-Mart…and now he even has an accomplice that stands there with him. ¬†That guy I will just keep giving dirty looks to as I drive past him. ¬†In case you have no clue what I am talking about…you can read all about that here.

My Home ~ We have lived in this house for almost 2 years now and you would think we have lived here for 20 with all the shit crap that has accumulated. ¬†In our old house we had one linen closet ….yes one linen closet, and now we have 3 linen closets, a coat closet, and a very large storage closet and guess what??? ¬†THEY ARE ALL FULL! ¬†Of what? ¬†Hell I don’t even know but I plan to do something to revamp that!


There are also lots of walls in this house.  You would think that because I am a photographer they would be lined with framed photos and memories right?  Wrong.  But I plan to revamp those walls.

My Blogging ~ Since starting this blog I have never really had much of a plan for it. ¬†I still don’t think I have a niche and I have come to terms with the fact that I am just going to blog about whatever brilliant idea pops into my head. ¬†And over the next year plan to revamp a lot of my ideas.

So if you had one word to choose that would sum up your year for 2016….what word would that be? ¬†Let me know in the comments.


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Workout Wednesdays ~ Jan 6, 2016

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I started working out last year around Halloween time.  Was doing great, even made it through Thanksgiving and still managed to get to the gym after the turkey holiday.

Then December rolled in and it was like “Oh fuck it, let’s just eat all these goodies and wrap the scale in a box and put it under the Christmas tree.”

And boy did I eat the goodies.

I mean seriously…I can’t let all that yummy stuff that my friends slaved to make go to waste…right???

Oh and that cheesecake….I freaking love cheeeeeeesecaaaaaake. ¬†It doesn’t even need a topping.

fat weight gain funny humor cat

So January is here now, and so is the scale, and everyone is busy making their new year resolutions and here is just a little list of mine.

I decided to quit drinking. ¬†Pick your chin up off the floor…you read that correctly…no more wine, beer, vodka…nadda! ¬†Except for rare special occasions. ¬†Like for instance if the Denver Broncos make it to the Super Bowl this year and win…that will be cause for celebration and lots of ingesting of booze alcohol wine….whatever I shall feel like consuming that day. ¬†Let’s go BRONCOS!

wine workout fitness health

But there will be no more bottles of wine opened while making dinner and finished before bedtime. ¬†No more cocktails when I have had a really rough day and the kids have disintegrated my nerves. ¬†And no more ice-cold beers on date nights with the hubby. ¬†However, there will still be date nights…most likely at the local movie theatre where no alcohol is served.

I know it’s only been 5 days…but so far so good. ¬†My husband of course thinks there is no way that I am going to give up wine. ¬†Therefore, now it’s turned into a challenge. ¬†**thinks about the lovely taste of a good red wine embracing her palette**


Ah yes back to reality…I’ve been challenged.

The gym. ¬†The gym will be somewhere I am going to be visiting daily…on Tuesdays and Thursdays it will be twice a day as I am going to take up a Zumba class with my lovely “let’s hope we don’t die laughing or fall on our faces” partner Heather. ¬†I don’t do well with aerobic classes in the fact that I hate repetition, but I have heard a lot of good stuff about Zumba so I gave it a shot…

There was a lot of hip thrusting…dance moves…and me huffing and puffing watching the clock. ¬†Rhythm is also helpful in a Zumba class as every move is to the beat of music.


There were also these little two-pound weight shaker objects that when you first pick them up you think “oh this is like nothing”. But after swinging them around in the air for an hour they feel like 50 pound weights. ¬†Or maybe I’m just really out of shape. ¬†I remember going to the clubs in my 20’s and 30’s and dancing my ass off and not skipping a beat or breaking a sweat but that was because there was large amounts of alcohol in my body which we all know gives you the energy of a 2-year-old.

All in all I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the Zumba class and highly recommend anyone that has contemplated going to do so. ¬†The part I mentioned about rhythm, yes…it’s good to have but there were plenty of people who didn’t have any and were still there trying. ¬†One lady was like 70 and she was rocking it.

Time to start choosing the right fuel to put in my body.  I ate nothing but crappy food the entire month of December and drank enough booze to open my own bar.  And my body let me know it.

Even getting back to the gym the extra weight I put on makes it that much harder to work out. ¬†Even 5 pounds…just pick up a 5 pound bag of potatoes and imagine yourself carrying all that extra weight around.

I have designated 2016 as my year to fix me. ¬†When you fix yourself first, then you are a better person for those around you. ¬†I will be posting about my progress every Wednesday so stay tuned…

Have you made any goals for 2016?  Let me know in the comments.


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