The First World Problem Of Rural Internet

I sat down at the computer over an hour ago to work on my blog for the day, only to discover that everything is taking an eternity to load the internet.


I live in a very rural area and trying to get good internet is ranked right up there with trying to find a good crotch doctor.  Almost impossible.

For the insane amount of $60 a month I get nothing but pure frustration.  We have 7 people in this house, all of which have at least one electronic device.  We also like to enjoy the occasional Netflix or Amazon Prime but at the cost of having to shut down all other electronic devices just to get either of them not to buffer.  Nothing like the peaking moment of watching a movie or series when all of a sudden that dreadful buffering symbol appears.  It’s like an intermission…only no one has to use the bathroom or get something to drink.  We just sit.  Staring at the screen and waiting…wanting….for the DAMN SHOW TO COME BACK ON!!!  All the while throwing cuss words at the television like somehow it’s listening.


I have put in complaints to the internet company only for them to send a “professional” out to tell me that my house is located at the very end of the signal.  Oh really?  Well then what do the houses above me do for internet?  Because from what I understand this is the “best” internet service available here in my little town with regards to satellite internet which costs a fortune.  Therefore, I am pretty much screwed.  Seriously it’s 2015 and yet I feel like I am still living in the era of AOL dial up.


After unplugging and plugging back in several times and even resorting to putting any other device in the house on airplane mode, it was then time for me to leave to pick up my kids from preschool and out the window went any idea of me being able to work on my blog.  Needless to say this blog that should have only taken me a short amount of time has now pretty much taken me the entire day to get posted.