That’s A Wrap ~ November 28, 2015

That's A Wrap Week 2

Did everyone survive the Thanksgiving holiday?  I did by stuffing the turkey with Xanax and consuming large amounts of wine.

However…I forgot to take a single picture of the food that I slaved away in the kitchen all day making. ¬†**wipes her nose with her sleeve**

bitmoji Thanksgiving2015 turkey feast

We woke up to a wonderful white Thanksgiving morning where the snow actually was stuck to the ground and the kids of course scurried around in search of any snow gear that fit. ¬†Their daddy doesn’t like them going out in the cold without being bundled up like the poor boys from “Christmas Story”. ¬†I say let them go out how they want…they will defrost.

Thanksgiving holidays snow kids

My father joined us for Thanksgiving this year and he even stayed at our house instead of a hotel or in his Winnebago.  I made sure I had plenty of Bacardi and coke on hand for him.  This pic was taken after he had a couple of them.

Thanksgiving2015 grandparents fun humor

Earlier in the week I volunteered to help with my mini monster B’s class feast. 23 kids, 8 parents, and a shit ton whole lot of food made for quite the chaotic event but watching my son light up as I walked through his classroom door and telling his teacher that “his mommy is awesome” was all worth it. ¬†Mine would be the one in the red shirt consuming his “turkey figurine made from Oreos” while his plate of food sits untouched an arm length away.

kindergarden feast Thanksgiving2015 turkey food yummy

On Friday afternoon we took the entire Souzaville clan to pick out our 2015 Christmas tree.  We also got it home all in one piece and even decorated it and got the rest of the Christmas decorations up.

Christmas2015 tree decorations

Earlier in the week I had made little beaded tree decorations shaped like candy canes and wreaths with the kids. ¬†(You can find the link on my Everything Christmas Pinterest board) ¬†I guess I am kind of making this into a tradition so that when they are older they can see the ones they have made along the years. ¬†Last year it was globes with their handprints but I don’t think one of them made it to see the light of this year so we may have to redo those.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday and remembered all that there is to be thankful for.  I know I have tons to be thankful for each and everyday.

Have a fabulous week!

Domesticated Momster Signature

Dear Mr. Weather

Yo asshole could you make up your mind! ¬†Yesterday it was a lovely 72 degrees outside and today I wake up to snowing!!! ¬†It’s no wonder that we are all sick here.


I wanted this weather a long time ago. ¬†Now….now I am ready for spring and warmer weather, less clothes, less laundry to do, and the littles being able to go outside without being bundled up like an eskimo. ¬†Do you know how long it takes to get 3 toddlers bundled up to go outside in the cold? ¬†It’s a real bitch! ¬†Takes 30 minutes to locate all the necessities and then another 20 to put them on. ¬†And then guess what? ¬†They want to come back inside 5 minutes later. ¬†And what am I suppose to do say “no”? ¬†You did notice that I said I had 3 toddlers right? ¬†I am outnumbered here. ¬†Saying “no’ to their wishes means having to listen to screaming and crying and temper tantrums. ¬† And I for one don’t like that. ¬†Also, I don’t have the option of duct taping their mouths and locking them in their rooms. ¬†That is frowned upon around here. ¬†Will put me right into “horrible mother” status!

There has been a constant circle of illness in my house since before Christmas!!! ¬†I am tired of wiping noses and finding booger infested tissue stuffed in every crevice of my house. ¬†I am tired of BUYING tissue. ¬†Even Costco doesn’t sell a quantity substantial enough for this monstrous, snot blowing household!


I am tired of trips to the doctors office. ¬†They have become to know me by first name there. ¬†Hell, they know my voice when I call! ¬†“Good morning Mrs. Souza…which one of the flock will you be bringing in today?” ¬†Next they will have quarantined off a room just for us! ¬†The sickies!!!


Don’t get me started on how many bottles of medicine I have acquired in my cabinet. ¬†I have to pay close attention to the labels since I have 3 different toddlers at 3 different stages. ¬†One can’t take this and the other one has a bad reaction to that. ¬†And could someone please tell me why they have to make medicine taste fruity? ¬†That just makes my kids want some even when they aren’t sick! ¬†Like it’s candy or a treat. ¬†I then have to lie to them and tell them there isn’t anymore and that mommy will get some at the store. ¬†Bad mommy for lying.

Now I am not sure that this is all to blame on you Mr. Weather but your daily forecast ¬†shenanigans aren’t helping. ¬†I don’t mind some rain with warmer temperatures…but this 30 some degrees atmospheric pressure is enough to switch me from wine to vodka!



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