Am I Paranoid?

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My 4 and 6 year old both started wrestling season last week.  It’s so cute to watch the younger sister wanting to keep up with her bigger brother who is a year older than her and did wrestling last year.  This is her first year.

I have to take my 3 year old along as well which is fine other than tonight she kept wanting to run up and down this hallway area.  I let her, but explained to her that I just wanted to be able to see her and not to be trying to hide behind stuff.

Soon after, a mother and her son who I would say was about the age of 10 showed up and sat down next to me.  Her son then decided to wonder down the same hallway in which my daughter was playing in.  The hallway was not really well lit and there were places in parts of the walls that he decided to hide, lurk or whatever he was doing.

My daughter was insistent that she wanted to “play” with the boy but the problem with me was that I couldn’t see him at all and could barely see her.  So I called her back to me.  I explained to her that the boy was much older than she was and that he wasn’t at an age that she would have anything in common with him.  She looked at me kind of confused which is totally understandable.

I asked her what she was talking to the boy about and she told me she was telling him about her unicorn and her house and various other things.  But as a mother of a girl, 2 girls actually, all I kept thinking was that this boy, who was lurking where I couldn’t see him… what if he was up to no good?  Does that make me paranoid?

I just had this really weird vibe and I have always been one to never doubt my instincts.

Things can happen so quickly.  So quickly that I couldn’t even watch my other two kids wrestle because this boy, that was hiding where I couldn’t see him, was seemingly calling my daughter over there as she would run up and down the hallway.  Why?  Not to mention he kept peeking out from behind whatever it was he was hiding behind as if he was continuously checking to see if I was watching.  And I was watching…like a hawk.

I hate the fact that I really don’t trust people.  Because I feel that the moment you put your guard down is when something happens.

Maybe that boy was just hiding from his mother…maybe every time he peeked out from behind the wall he was seeing if his mother was watching and not me…I don’t know…but I didn’t trust the situation and went with trusting my instincts instead.

What do you think you would have done?


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