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Please Note:  These tips and photos are for use with the app for IPad.

Even though StumbleUpon has been around for awhile now, it is not as widely used as some of the other social media.  But let me assure you that it’s a great way to get your pages viewed.  The key is to post others content and not just your own.  My first post that I listed on StumbleUpon had 236 views in one day!  But if you only list your own content StumbleUpon will circulate your pages less.  With StumbleUpon it’s all about the #bloggerlove. In many ways StumbleUpon is similar to Pinterest but instead of you picking a topic and pinning it to your created boards, StumbleUpon randomly gives you pages to like or dislike and you can choose to add them to your personally created lists.  Below is what it looks like after clicking on the All Interests tab in the upper left hand corner.  Once you choose an interest it begins a random page selection based on that interest. stumbleupon instructions tips blogging bloggers Below it shows my chosen interest of Married Life.  At the bottom of the page are a dislike thumb, the StumbleUpon button, and a liking thumb.  If you read the page and then decide whether you like it or not you choose the appropriate thumb, tap it, and then it will also ask if you want to save it to a list (your personally created lists).  When finished you then tap on the StumbleUpon orange button which moves you to the next randomly selected page…and so on.  Super easy right? And at anytime you can change your interest selection by tapping on the All Interests tab in the upper left. stumbleupon instructions guide tips blogging bloggers Below is what the pull down menu looks like when tapping on the StumbleUpon icon at the upper right. Likes ~ shows a list of all pages you have liked. Lists ~ shows a page with all your personally created lists. Stumblers ~ shows how many people you are following and how many are following you. Add Interests ~ here you can add more interests or remove ones that you don’t feel you are interested in anymore. Submit Content ~ by clicking on here it then takes you to a page where you add the url and a brief description of the content you want to submit.  It also asks you if it is safe for work.  Meaning does it contain any not suited for all audiences content. Discover Lists ~ gives you a page of recommended, recent, and most popular lists. History ~ shows all you history. Settings ~ gives you a few notification options and where you can report an issue, help menu, and sign out. stumbleupon guide instructions tips blogging bloggers

If you are an iPad or iPhone user, adding content is also easy via the below demonstration.  When you have found a post or page that you would like to add just tap the upper right arrow icon…if the StumbleUpon icon is not listed then tap the more icon.

stumbleupon tips blogging bloggers guide iPad iPhone

It will take you to a screen that looks like the following and just make sure the Stumbleupon button is in the on position(highlighted green).

stumbleupon tips blogging bloggers guide iPhone iPad

Tap on the done icon at the upper right and it will then take you back to the first page where your StumbleUpon icon should now appear like on the first page.  If you tap on it from the content page you want to enter, it will take you directly to your StumbleUpon account and then add the content.

I will be continuing with more tips about StumbleUpon as I use it more.  For now I am going stumbling!


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