Farewell Wisdom


Tomorrow I am having my wisdom teeth removed.  All 4 of them at once and being the big sissy that I am when it comes to my mouth, I am being put under for the procedure.

For years I had gone to dentists who “suggested” having them taken out but they weren’t bothering me so I decided never to have it done…thinking that somehow they would be just fine tucked away in my mouth forever.  No such luck.  My most recent dentist told me that I need to have them removed or suffer horrible gum disease problems.  Yay me.

Now apparently there is a reason that most people get their wisdom teeth extracted when they are “young” adults…because it’s less complicated and healing is faster.  Me being almost 40 something makes the risks much higher and the healing time a bit longer.  I had 3 C-sections in 3 years and bounced back like it was nothing.  Literally doing laundry a few days after. But for some reason having 4 teeth ripped out of my jaw bone has me a bit scared.  Maybe because the last dentist that put me under for a procedure severed a nerve and now I am permanently numb on the left side of my bottom lip and chin.  Regardless of the reason, I have been hoping for the best outcome and preparing for a little less then best.  Meaning that I have been trying to catch up on any chores that I would normally do over the next few days.  Hubby will be off for the next four but he’s pretty much like a drill sergeant and I am sure will expect me to be my bouncy self by say…..Wednesday.  Let’s hope by having the procedure done on St. Patrick’s Day that a little luck of the Irish shall be with me…even though I have no Irish in me.  Unless you count a love for beer being part Irish.

So if there are no posts or activity from me in the next few days it will be because I am heavily doped up on pain pills and well those things just make me as looney as Elmer Fudd on a bottle of whiskey.  Here’s to a hopefully speedy recovery…because let’s face it…my life can’t be put on hold that long.