Farewell To The Mini-Van

We said good-bye to the mini van over the weekend. ¬†The vehicle that had been puked in, pooped on, food spilled in, driven on many family trips, changed 3 babies diapers in, and was my “mom” mobile for so many years. ¬†And without fail it was a reliable source of transportation every time I put the key in the ignition.

Now I must admit that I never felt very “cool” driving the mini-van. ¬†Not because it screams “Hey I am a mom!”… 3 carseats in a porche would say that…although 3 carseats probably wouldn’t fit in a porche but you get my point. ¬†Come on… let’s face it…on the “cool” meter of 1 to 10 the mini-van falls below a 1…just above a station wagon. ¬†I used to say “I will never drive a mini-van!” and then, suddenly one day, there I was driving off the car lot, boohooing to myself, in that exact conveyance. ¬†Although I must admit that at the time it was the best practical vehicle for our “not so little” family. ¬†But over time I started to really wonder who is it that designs mini-vans? ¬†It couldn’t possibly be a mother. ¬†I was constantly hitting my head on something every time I would get in the back to buckle one of the kids in. ¬†A pop up changing table would have come in handy on those days I was bent over changing 3 babies diapers in 120 degree weather on the floorboard of the car. ¬†How about a built in hand vac for when everything from goldfish crackers to watermelon pieces were strewn from one end of the car to the other?


So Saturday morning we made the 2 hour journey into the city to test drive our options. ¬†I had my mind set on a Toyota Sequoia, then a friend of mine posted a link on my Facebook timeline consisting of a review of 2015’s top SUV’s. ¬†I am a woman who has now been given a list of options to compare…and like any woman I changed my mind about a half a dozen times before we had even reached our half way mark to the city. ¬†I peeked at the list and was surprised when I read that ¬†the Sequoia was listed number 8! ¬†I was a bit shocked considering how many people I knew that owned a Sequoia and raved about them. ¬†Number 1 on the list was the Chevy Tahoe. ¬†I did a comparison review between the two and finally realized that the final decision was going to be based on which one I liked driving better. ¬†We hit the Toyota dealership first. ¬†We drove the Sequoia and I liked it but wasn’t quite “sold” on buying it. ¬†It had quite a hefty price tag and the MPG was very upsetting. ¬†I also didn’t like the way it handled the road or how I felt sitting in it. ¬†I am a tall girl and I felt like I was sitting “on” the car rather then “in” it…if that makes any sense.

On our way to test drive the Chevy Tahoe we happened to notice a 2015 GMC Yukon that had “certified preowned vehicle” on the windshield…a 2015 that was already priced as used! ¬†So we stopped to take a peek of course. ¬†It was everything that we were looking for as far as options go. ¬†The exterior and interior were the colors we wanted and it only had 16,000 miles on it. ¬†The Yukon was also listed as #2 on the list…SCORE! ¬†But we still needed to drive it. ¬†The only thing it lacked was cargo space and the 3rd row seating doesn’t offer much leg room. ¬†But with a family of 7 we never have enough cargo space and who cares about the leg room of the teenagers? ¬†Really? ¬†The price and all the bells and whistles on it trumped all that. ¬†And upon test driving it we were SOLD!


The minute I drove it off the lot I could feel my “cool” mommy meter going up. ¬†Not that the type of vehicle one drives defines ones awesomeness but I must admit that driving an SUV compared to a mini-van is more suiting to the “Trista” that I used to know. ¬†As mothers we sometimes lose our individuality. ¬†It’s part of the sacrifice of selfishness that we give up when suddenly there are little people relying on us for everything. ¬†But now as my babies become toddlers and children I realize that it’s ok to work on “me” sometimes. ¬†That working on me means feeling better and in turn just makes me a better mommy and a little less “momster” ….hahahaha who am I kidding? ¬†I will always be a momster.


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