What Defines Me


When I was a teenager I thought I knew the answer to everything. ¬†I thought that I had my life planned out long before I had ever even graduated high school. ¬†I thought I wanted to marry my high school sweetheart and live in the same town I grew up in, for the rest of my life. ¬†“Urban Cowboy” was my favorite movie and “Bud and Sissy” seemed like they had it all with their mobile home that they “could move it wherever they want to”. ¬†I also loved “Flashdance“. ¬†Watched it almost everyday and wished that I had her determination, and of course that I lived in New York.

By my senior year everything that I “thought” I had known, completely changed. ¬†I no longer wanted to stay in that small town. ¬†My first love turned out to be an asshole. ¬†And “Bud and Sissy” were no longer my ideals of a relationship.

Fast forward 24 years to present day…..

I am married with 5 great kids! ¬†My life is filled with chaos on a monumental ¬†basis. ¬†This life is not what I ever imagined or could have tried to even fathom. ¬†There are days that I have “Terms Of Endearment” and then there are days that resemble “Overboard“. ¬†Granted I don’t wake up to Kurt Russel every morning in a house that resembles that of shed filled with filth. ¬†But life is still teaching me lessons.

The truth is…being a mom and wife is what defines me. ¬†I love and hate it all at the same time. ¬†All of it. ¬†There is no other way to describe it. ¬†When the kids are all playing and getting along it’s a moment of pure bliss. ¬†When they are fighting and scratching each others eyes out it makes me want to rip every last piece of my hair out until I am lifeless on the couch and mumbling “ba baa bbaaabbabba”

humor mom kids meltdown

The same goes for marriage. ¬†When it’s good it’s it’s like….(wow I googled movies about good marriages and their wasn’t a single one!) ¬†Therefore I am going to pull the first one that comes to my quirky little mind… and that is “Sex Tape“. ¬†Don’t judge…we all wish we were that hot of a couple that we could just leave our homemade ¬†porno in ” the cloud”! ¬†And when It’s bad it’s more like “The War Of The Roses“.

Regardless of what “movie” may resemble my real life…the truth is…this is my life and nothing resembles it. ¬†I love my “not so little” family and I wouldn’t change it (well except maybe for the fact I would have more possibilities of someone babysitting for more then a few hours…I think my husband and I are in a serious need of a timeout… in a hotel room…not the corner). ¬†My “Ever After” is in the here and now.

That’s Life,

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