That’s A Wrap ~ November 28, 2015

That's A Wrap Week 2

Did everyone survive the Thanksgiving holiday?  I did by stuffing the turkey with Xanax and consuming large amounts of wine.

However…I forgot to take a single picture of the food that I slaved away in the kitchen all day making. ¬†**wipes her nose with her sleeve**

bitmoji Thanksgiving2015 turkey feast

We woke up to a wonderful white Thanksgiving morning where the snow actually was stuck to the ground and the kids of course scurried around in search of any snow gear that fit. ¬†Their daddy doesn’t like them going out in the cold without being bundled up like the poor boys from “Christmas Story”. ¬†I say let them go out how they want…they will defrost.

Thanksgiving holidays snow kids

My father joined us for Thanksgiving this year and he even stayed at our house instead of a hotel or in his Winnebago.  I made sure I had plenty of Bacardi and coke on hand for him.  This pic was taken after he had a couple of them.

Thanksgiving2015 grandparents fun humor

Earlier in the week I volunteered to help with my mini monster B’s class feast. 23 kids, 8 parents, and a shit ton whole lot of food made for quite the chaotic event but watching my son light up as I walked through his classroom door and telling his teacher that “his mommy is awesome” was all worth it. ¬†Mine would be the one in the red shirt consuming his “turkey figurine made from Oreos” while his plate of food sits untouched an arm length away.

kindergarden feast Thanksgiving2015 turkey food yummy

On Friday afternoon we took the entire Souzaville clan to pick out our 2015 Christmas tree.  We also got it home all in one piece and even decorated it and got the rest of the Christmas decorations up.

Christmas2015 tree decorations

Earlier in the week I had made little beaded tree decorations shaped like candy canes and wreaths with the kids. ¬†(You can find the link on my Everything Christmas Pinterest board) ¬†I guess I am kind of making this into a tradition so that when they are older they can see the ones they have made along the years. ¬†Last year it was globes with their handprints but I don’t think one of them made it to see the light of this year so we may have to redo those.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday and remembered all that there is to be thankful for.  I know I have tons to be thankful for each and everyday.

Have a fabulous week!

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Random “S#*T”

I woke up this morning to the sound of the rain. ¬†I love the sound of rain…probably because I live in Nevada and we don’t get much rain here. ¬†Although I have seen al lot more since moving to the northern part of the state.

Now I am a spring and summer girl at heart…there’s nothing like the feeling of sunshine on my face and everything blooming…for some that brings the feeling of itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose but luckily for me I don’t suffer from allergies.


But there is just something spectacular about the feelings of fall and winter. ¬†Pumpkin lattes and big comfy clothes. ¬†Extra blankets on the bed and the heat of a fire on the tip of your toes. ¬†Cuddling with my littles watching movies we choose. ¬†Holiday parties and better yet…holiday booze. ¬†And by parties I mean getting all the family together and consuming alcohol and food while playing whatever board games we can find all the pieces to. ¬†I bet you thought I had this glorious life where I was invited to all these fabulous holiday cocktail parties ….nope ….not me…not this life.


And whoever thinks a holiday party week is a good thing…should maybe check out an AA meeting…I mean I like my cocktails but partying everyday for a week? ¬†That didn’t even happen in my 20’s.

Aaaah the holidays…where families come together and torture one another…where you try to watch what you say in fear you might piss someone off. ¬†Then I just get tanked and end up saying it anyway ….((burp)) oops. ¬†Those movies that have been created out of entire “family reunion” topics were created for a reason…to show people that families aren’t the picture perfect portrait that hangs on the wall. ¬†And the ones that are claiming to be perfect need to have their heads examined. ¬†That’s like organized religion…tread carefully. Not lightly….carefully.

Now I love Thanksgiving but it is so much work for the women of the house. ¬†Whether that be just the mom, the mom and daughters, or the grandmothers, moms, AND daughters. ¬†Regardless of how many are helping, it is always so much work. ¬†Maybe in other families the men pitch in but not in my family. ¬†The men plant their asses on the couch to watch the Thanksgiving Day extravaganza of football while the ladies in the house prepare the never ending smorgasbord of goodies that start at what seems like the crack of dawn and doesn’t end until the last piece of silverware is washed. ¬†((note to self…get paper plates and plastic silverware))