The Daydreamer Challenge: Day 2


Here is my Day 2 of The Daydreamer Challenge.

There are 2 parts to choose from.  I am posting a picture that describes me…


This is my husband and I.  He not only changed a chapter in my “book of life” but transformed my entire book!  He gave me the gift of motherhood…which is the greatest gift I have ever received.  (I am about 7 months pregnant in this picture with our baby Z) Being a wife and mother is what defines me most.  It’s what puts a smile on my face and drives me to drink makes me pull my hair out all at the same time.  I have forgotten what a life without chaos is like.  I only remember that it was boring and lonely most of the time.  Oh what I wouldn’t give for an entire day of sleep.  It’s a life without little giggles and big warm hugs.  It’s a life where no one needed me to kiss their boo boo’s or pull the splinters out of their tiny little fingers.  It was a life without hearing the word “mommy” and knowing that someone truly loves me unconditionally.  It was a life of selfishness and never having to worry about anyone other then myself.  I thank my husband for changing me…for defining who I am…and for making me a better person.

Part 2 of this challenge says to make an imaginary word describing me…

That’s easy…it’s one that’s been tossed on my lips few times…FRANTRISTIC!  It’s my husband and I’s first names mixed together.  It’s a word we made up when we first started dating and it still describes our life together today.



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