Monday’s Music Mantra ~ Jan 4


monday music mantra tunes national trivia dayWelcome to the first installment of music bliss via 2016.  I have been in a bit of a depressed let’s drudge about the past memories only fade kind of mood this week so excuse the selection of “sad whaaa” tunes.

Paramore caught my attention when they first came onto the circuit.  With the theme song from Twilight “Decode” ….yes I read all the books and watched every movie and loved every bit of the books and cursed at the movies.  From the very first time I sat down at the very first movie (first movie date with my husband actually) I hated that it didn’t follow the book what. so. ever.  Anywho…I bought this album after that and have been listening to this song “All I Wanted” on repeat for probably about 7 years now.  My favorite line of the song is “Think I’ll pace my apartment a few times, and fall asleep on the couch, and wake up early to black and white re-runs that escaped from my mouth”.

It’s amazing how one song, no matter how old, can bring back a rush of memories from a time in your life.  Like seriously some songs I can remember every single moment of a certain time that I played that song.  I can remember being in the car, or at home, in a club, crying with a friend, crying by myself, laughing the same way, dancing somewhere, an exact moment in my life that mattered…all because of a song that plays.  This is one of those songs for me.  My favorite line “Don’t tell me if I’m Dying, cause I don’t want to know”.

I left a small town once…and moved to the big city…I remember the last telephone conversation I had with someone…it hurt…a lot.

My husband actually introduced me to the Sick Puppies.  This song stuck with me.  The girl in the video, Emma Anzai, is making an impression about something related to body image, an epidemic that’s influencing our female youth.  Plus she just rocks that bass guitar.

Today also happens to be National Pop Music Chart Day but I took a look at the top hits and the only one worth posting on my page is Adele which I already did a couple of weeks ago.  So instead I am going to honor that it is also National Trivia Day and do a bit of music trivia for everyone.  If you want to play, copy and paste the questions and then create your own post with the answers and leave a pingback to your post in my comments.

  1. Later referred to as a ‘wardrobe malfunction’, who exposed Janet Jackson’s breast for about half a second during Super Bowl 2004?
  2. Shawn Corey Carter is better known by what stage name?
  3. Who is noted for his guitar solo on Stairway to Heaven?
  4. In which American state was Madonna born?
  5. Who rose to fame in 2008 with the release of the single I Kissed a Girl?
  6. Who was Dionne Warwick’s most famous cousin?
  7. London born singer Miss Adkins is better known by what name?
  8. Who had hit singles in the seventies with ‘Atomic’ and ‘Heart of Glass’?
  9. Who wrote the children’s book The English Roses in 2003, which became the fastest-selling children’s picture book of all time?
  10. What band does Adrian Young play for and what position does he play?

Now I know it’s easy to just google the answers but if you KNOW the answers to some or all of these questions play along!sds::c3kf.q''jpg