7 Tips That Make Life As A Mom That Little Bit Easier

motherhood tips

Being a mom really is everything it’s cracked up to be. It’s amazing and changes a woman’s life in countless ways. Despite all the beauty of it, though, being a mom is incredibly hard. Here are 7 tips that will make life as a mom a little bit easier.

1. Resist the urge to go it alone.‚Ä®

Total self-sufficiency is the motherhood kiss of death. Raising kids is hard, exhausting work. If you’re co-parenting, make sure your partner is doing their fair share. If you’re a single mother, you need to have a network of support. Whether you’re a single mother or half of a parenting dream team, you need to say yes to offers for outside help and you need to specifically ask for help. Family members and friends are usually eager to help out. It takes a village, and if you try to go it alone, you’ll end up permanently exhausted and unhappy.

2. Forget about perfect.‚Ä®

Forget the dreams you had about motherhood. Forget the Pinterest boards full of amazing kid ideas. Forget the images of perfect lives you see from other moms on social media. Lots of days of being a mom will be perfect, full of that incomparable joy you felt the first time you held your baby. But plenty of days will also be hard and messy and not at all perfect. Throw the idea of perfect out the window and you’ll learn to appreciate the magic packed into all those messy days. Stop giving yourself a hard time for failing to live up to those Pinterest boards and celebrity mom Instagram posts. Those are staged glimpses at ideal moments. They’re occasionally achievable, but that’s only one little piece of the picture. Reality, in all its messy glory, is its own kind of perfection.

3. Every age is the best.

Don’t approach your kid’s childhood as groups of fun ages and ages to dread. Forget about the terrible twos and the terrible tweens. Even forget about the magic of babyhood or the delight of having school-age children. Every single age of a child is amazing and special in its own way. Every age is also hard in its own way. The cliche is true: it all goes by so fast. Find something to love and cherish about each age. Don’t miss the magic of right now because you’re living in the past or the future.

4. Remember that mom stuff can be cute and stylish.

Being a mom means owning and hauling around all kinds of things for your kids. Just because it’s for a practical purpose, though, doesn’t mean it has to be ugly! Choose products that fit your sense of style, products that make you smile, products that will make you the envy of all the other moms. Choose a¬†cute diaper bag¬†and you’ll be prepared to keep your baby clean and happy when you’re out and about, but you’ll also feel happy yourself for rocking some sweet baby swag. Shopping for kid stuff can have the same joy as shopping for shoes or handbags when you realize that kid stuff can be cute and fashionable.

5. Remember that being a mom is just one part of who you are.

Motherhood is amazing and can be all-consuming. It’s all too easy to let it completely take over your identity. Remember that there are other parts of you, too. You’re still a partner, child, sibling, career-woman, painter, yogi, churchgoer, sports fan, or whatever else makes you uniquely you. Be a mom, but not a mom to the exclusion of everything else. Take time for yourself. You’ll be happier, but as a bonus, your child will learn a pretty important lesson in seeing you do this.

6. Watch out for clutter.
Having kids means having a lot of extra stuff.

A lot of it is vital and a lot of it is imbued with all kinds of special memories, but a lot of it is clutter. Get in the habit of clearing out what you don’t need regularly or you’ll eventually be looking at a mountain of crap. Go through your kid’s clothing and toy collection and find a new home (donate, give away, sell, trash) for anything you no longer need. Kid art is particularly hard to part with, but you will amass a lot of it very quickly. Save the most special pieces and scan all the rest. You’ll still be able to look back at that scribbled drawing from age 2 and that self-portrait from age 5, but you won’t have to dig through 10 overstuffed bins of artwork to find it. You might even implement a rule that for every new item that comes in the house, one must go out. New toy in, old toy out. Decluttering kid things can get trickier as your child gets older, but it’s another great teaching moment. Involve your kid in the decision-making process for what stays and what goes and it will be less traumatic.

Children are hilarious and parenting is full of hysterical moments. Don’t forget to laugh. Laugh often and take the time to record some of the funniest stories. Keep a journal where you write down all the cute things your kid says or does and mark the date. Whether handwritten or digital, this will be a favorite thing to look back on for many years to come. You will not regret doing this. You might think that you’ll remember all of these moments, but you won’t. Sure, you’ll remember many of them, but a lot of gold will slip through the cracks of your memory. As your kids get older, they’ll love it as well and you can belly laugh about it together. Of course, some of the stories you’ve recorded are sure to be embarrassing to your kids as they get older, but sometimes that makes it even more fun.

Disclaimer:  This post was sent to me as a guest post and none of these words are that of my own.

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Tips That Men Can Impress Their Ladies With On National Boyfriend’s Day

I am not a man who has come up with this post, nor have I interviewed any of those mortals that we women refer to as ball hugging creatures.  I am however here to perhaps help those of you morons gentlemen who do fondle handle cup scratch rub or hold those male crown jewels.

In this day and age if you want to get sex something ¬†you need to give woo something. ¬†Us women do have a dreaded switch…problem is the switch is usually stuck on bat shit crazy¬† psycho grumpy¬† mom mode, bitchy…or just plain ol “leave me the fuck alone” and will most likely stay that way unless you do something to “flip the switch“.

National Boyfriend's Day

Men don’t have switches…it’s not in their DNA. ¬†How lucky for them. ¬†And if they did, it would just always be stuck on “touch my junk“.

Therefore, in honor of National Boyfriend’s Day I am going to give some tips that men can use to impress their ladies. ¬†In turn this means, be better boyfriend’s, lovers, and husbands and maybe just get your junk touched.

*A note taped to the mirror. ¬†It doesn’t HAVE to be a love note. ¬†You might be lucky and have the cool chic that would admire your sense of humor with”Hey you want to get the sheets dirty later?” and she would laugh and you’d be getting lucky in a few hours.

*A Facebook, or any social media of your choice, shout out to your favorite gal, girl, female, woman, or lady. ¬†It’s so much less expensive than flowers that just die anyway. ¬†But hey if your woman’s thing is flowers then by golly you better get your ass to the store and get some. ¬†If it’s liquor, chocolate, a card, or whatever it may be…GET. IT. DONE!

*Tell her she is beautiful in a way that you “mean” it. ¬†Even if she looks a mess because she has been busy working at the office all day, dealing with the kids all day and has 10 different kid fluids and food on her, just got done grocery shopping, or even if she is sweaty and stinky from the gym. ¬†Make sure she knows she is not only a “hot” mess but that she is YOUR hot mess.

*Give a compliment. ¬†Even if the only thing you can come up with is “Thanks so much for folding my shirt the right way”. ¬†It’s at least a compliment. ¬†Not a very brilliant one but hey, most women aren’t asking for brilliance when it comes to compliments. ¬† We just like to feel appreciated. ¬†Men and women have different ways of feeling appreciated.

*Don’t expect her to be in a good mood all the time. ¬†Women have these dreadful things called HORMONES. ¬†And men wouldn’t know what they were if they were sprinkled on their favorite meal like salt and pepper. ¬†Could you even imagine if a man just suddenly started crying for no apparent reason? ¬†The world would end. ¬† So instead of pointing out her bad mood, which I am sure she is already well aware of, try making her laugh instead. ¬†Say something funny. ¬† Kiss her favorite spot. ¬†Hug her and tell her…”hey everything’s going to be fine.”.

National Boyfriend's Day Tips

*Take her somewhere without asking her to make the choice. ¬†If you have been together long enough than you should know the places she likes to go. ¬†Or do something out of the ordinary. ¬†And if you can’t think of something out of the ordinary then you are just plain lame. ¬†Lame. Lame. Lame. ¬†You don’t deserve a woman.

*Give her some time to herself. ¬†Draw her a bubble bath. ¬†Pour her a glass of her favorite poison. ¬†Put on some of her favorite music. ¬†Light some candles. ¬†THEN LEAVE THE FUCKING ROOM! ¬†Come back in about a half hour to see how she’s doing. ¬†And no, this doesn’t mean naked, with your junk flashing around in her face like somehow her moment of relaxation should be interrupted for your benefit. ¬†Check to see if she needs a refill. ¬†Also to make sure she hasn’t fallen asleep and drowned. ¬†Then, if you have kids, go put them little suckers to bed. ¬†And MAYBE when she is done you can see about trying to get lucky.

*Pay attention to the music she has been listening to. ¬†There is no better way to tell what’s going on in a girl/woman’s head than what she is listening to. ¬†Especially if repeat is getting hit a lot.

Yes I am well aware that women can be complicated creatures. ¬†It’s not our fault…it’s part of our DNA. ¬†We can go from calm to crazy faster than you can scratch an itch. ¬†You think we choose to be this way? ¬†You think we don’t know when we are feeling or being bitchy? ¬†The thing is, as men, you could learn to handle it a little better than just pouring gasoline on the already raging fire.

National Boyfriend's Day

And this doesn’t mean that you have to do all these things everyday either. ¬†There are days that we are perfectly fine getting through the day without the likes of you. ¬†But if you want more happiness in the atmosphere then you need to put out what you want back. ¬†Complaining about it does nothing. ¬†Action does.


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How To Use Snapchat

So unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you have heard of Snapchat.  But for some it can be a little confusing, maybe intimidating, or maybe you think it’s only for teenie boppers.  SO. NOT. TRUE.

So here I am to give you a little lesson in how to use Snapchat.

I have been on Snapchat for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it!  It’s not my most used app but I do use it at least once a day.  And my kids love letting me take silly pictures of them with it.

First you want to download the app and give yourself a name.  If you blog, I would use your blogging name.  Below is a picture of the screen that pops up when you have made an account and open the app.

snapchat screen tips how to use
At the upper left is a lightning bolt with an x.  This is where you can turn the flash on or off.  There might also be a moon there letting you know that you might want to use the flash.  I don’t usually use a flash so mine is usually set to no flash.

In the middle of the top is the little snapchat ghost character.  If you tap it you get a screen that looks like this…

snapchat screen tips how to use
This is where you can see who has added you and you can add others.  The great thing about snapchat is that anyone who has their yellow snapchat window displayed like on a profile pic etc.  All you have to do is take a pic of it…then come back to this screen, click on add friends, then add by snapcode, choose the photo you took of their snap window and they are automatically added.  You can also add by username, address book, or even if someone is nearby and has their snapchat app open.

If you tap on the yellow square you can record a short video that will be displayed within the ghost character of your window.  Just tap it and then when you are ready tap the circle at the bottom of the yellow ghost window display, and be ready.  To get back just press the arrow on the left.  At the top left is a circle arrow with the snapchat ghost in the middle.  This is if you want to delete your existing profile video.

The question mark at the top left on the add friends screen above will show you how to add friends using their snapcode and your phone.  The middle trophy symbol shows a trophy case based on what kind of stuff you have done with your snapchat.  And the settings pin wheel on the right brings up your account information where you can make any changes if needed.

To get back to the camera screen just swipe up on the little ^ symbol at the bottom of the screen.


On the top right of this screen is a little camera symbol.  This is used to turn your camera to front facing view or facing away view depending on what you are going to snap or record.  The fun thing about snapchat is if you are in front facing view and line your face up then place your finger on your face until a graph appears over it, you will then notice a bunch of different stuff at the bottom.  These are the “fun” filters!  And they change regularly.   I particularly like the one I have chosen.

snapchat screen tips help to use

When you tap the circle it takes the picture.  If you keep pressing the button it will record.  So now from this screen you have some choices.  If you hate the pic, then at the top left just tap the x and it will disappear forever.

If you don’t want to use a filter then just hit the x and it will take you back to plain camera mode.

In the second picture below, if you tap on the little page symbol it brings up a page of emojis in which you can put in your picture and even adjust their size and rotation by using your fingers on the screen.  You can also use the T symbol to add text.  If you tap the T a second time the text will increase in size and you can also adjust its size, location, and rotation by using two fingers.

The little pen symbol on the far top right is to use color to scribble words or draw on your picture using your fingertip.  There is even a color line to choose different colors to use.

snapchat screen how to use tips help

snapchat screen how to use tips help

On the bottom left is a circle with a number in the middle of it.  This is used to set the time of how long you want someone to see your snap.  You can set it anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds.  I usually just leave mine on 10.  I want everyone to have ample time to see my foolishness sense of humor silliness.

To the right of that is an arrow pointing down into a half square.  This is used to save your pic or video to your camera roll if you love it that much.

And to the right of that is a partial square with a plus sign which gives you the option to add to your “story” instantly which is what I will go over next.

You can also swipe to the right for different filters such as black and white, there’s a mph screen, what the temp in your area screen, the time, and if you have done a video there are snail and rabbit features which can speed up or slow down any talking in your video.

snapchat screen how to use help tips

If you are happy with your snap pic and ready to send it out then press the bottom right flashing arrow. Which then brings you to this screen.  Disregard the Instagram message at the top…it came through right as I was screenshotting the photo.

snapchat screen how to use help tips

Now, “my story” will put your snap out for everyone to see.  So if you are trying to snap a naughty pic to your other half I wouldn’t suggest this option.  Of course I don’t do that…what kind of Momster do you think I am?

Putting your snap on “my story” leaves it up for 24 hours.  If you want to snap to individuals only, then choose who you want to send to from your list and tap the square at the far right hand side of their names.  Then just click the arrow in the far right of the blue box at the bottom that pops up once you have made choices on who to send it to.  I usually just post mine in “my story” for everyone to see.  If you send it to an individual they can only see it once for the time that you set.  But they are able to take a screenshot and then Snapchat lets you know when this has been done.

In “my story” they are usually able to view it twice.

You can also text using snapchat.  From the main screen just click on the bottom left square.  If this square is red, it means you have snaps that people have personally sent to you.  When you tap the square it brings you to the page on the left.  Just choose who you want to text message, then swipe on their name to the right and the page on the right pops up.  You can send pics, call (if they are in your phonebook), and even chat live.

snapchat screen how to use help tips

Chatting sometimes is a pain because snapchat of course erases it as soon as it has been opened and sometimes I open the app and it’s gone before I got a chance to read it.  I like to call that “snack chat”.

So there are some basics for you to get started with.  There is probably some stuff I am leaving out but don’t be afraid to play around with the app.  It can be a lot of fun and I have come across some pretty interesting snappers.  And if you do decide to get familiar with the app don’t forget to add me!

Yours Truly,

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~Using StumbleUpon~

// blogging tips stumbleupon bloggers guide instructions

Please Note:  These tips and photos are for use with the app for IPad.

Even though StumbleUpon has been around for awhile now, it is not as widely used as some of the other social media. ¬†But let me assure you that it’s a great way to get your pages viewed. ¬†The key is to post others content and not just your own. ¬†My first post that I listed on StumbleUpon had 236 views in one day! ¬†But if you only list your own content StumbleUpon will¬†circulate your pages less. ¬†With StumbleUpon it’s all about the #bloggerlove. In many ways StumbleUpon is similar to Pinterest but instead of you picking a topic and pinning it to your created boards, StumbleUpon randomly gives you pages to like or dislike and you can choose to add them to your personally created lists.¬†¬†Below is what it looks like after clicking on the All Interests tab in the upper left hand corner. ¬†Once you choose an interest it begins a random page selection based on that interest. stumbleupon instructions tips blogging bloggers Below it shows my chosen interest of Married Life. ¬†At the bottom of the page are a dislike thumb, the StumbleUpon button, and a liking thumb. ¬†If you read the page and then decide whether you like it or not you choose the appropriate thumb, tap it, and then it will also ask if you want to save it to a list (your personally created lists). ¬†When finished you then tap on the StumbleUpon orange¬†button which moves you to the next randomly selected page…and so on. ¬†Super easy right? And at anytime you can change your interest selection by tapping on the All Interests tab in the upper left. stumbleupon instructions guide tips blogging bloggers Below is what the pull down menu looks like when tapping on the StumbleUpon icon at the upper right. Likes ~ shows a list of all pages you have liked. Lists ~ shows a page with all your personally created lists. Stumblers ~ shows how many people you are following and how many are following you. Add Interests ~ here¬†you can add more interests or remove ones that you don’t feel you are interested in anymore. Submit Content ~ by clicking on here it then takes you to a page where you add the url and a brief description of the content you want to submit. ¬†It also asks you if it is safe for work. ¬†Meaning does it contain any¬†not suited for all audiences content. Discover Lists ~ gives you a page of recommended, recent, and most popular lists. History ~ shows all you history. Settings ~ gives you a few notification options and where you can report an issue, help menu, and sign out. stumbleupon guide instructions tips blogging bloggers

If you are an iPad or iPhone user, adding content is also easy via the below demonstration. ¬†When you have found a post or page that you would like to add just tap the upper right arrow icon…if the StumbleUpon icon is not listed then tap the more icon.

stumbleupon tips blogging bloggers guide iPad iPhone

It will take you to a screen that looks like the following and just make sure the Stumbleupon button is in the on position(highlighted green).

stumbleupon tips blogging bloggers guide iPhone iPad

Tap on the done icon at the upper right and it will then take you back to the first page where your StumbleUpon icon should now appear like on the first page.  If you tap on it from the content page you want to enter, it will take you directly to your StumbleUpon account and then add the content.

I will be continuing with more tips about StumbleUpon as I use it more.  For now I am going stumbling!


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