~National Curmudgeons Day~

National Curmudgeon Day grumpy crabby

I had to actually look up what curmudgeon meant.

Noun: a bad-tempered or surly person.
synonyms: grumbler · complainer · moaner · curmudgeon · grump ·
sourpuss · whiner · sorehead · crab

And today is dedicated to all of us curmudgeons!

Now one of my goals this year is not to be so grumpy and let me tell you…it’s been a difficult task to keep to.  Let’s face it…motherhood, marriage, cutting out junk food, no wine, aches from working out, and the dead of winter can make anyone waspish cantankerous bearish crotchety snappy grumpy from time to time.

Crotchety…now there’s a word.  I think I will find out where that word originated from.  **looks up origin of crochety**

“Best Answer: The main word to consider here is crotchet. Dating to Middle English, crotchet was used in various related senses to refer to a hook or hook-like instrument. A main figurative sense, recorded since the late sixteenth century, was ‘an odd fancy or whimsical notion; a trivial idea contrary to common opinion’. Example: “The duke had crotchets in him. He would be drunk too; that let me inform you” (Shakespeare, Measure for Measure).

The adjective crotchety, then, means ‘characterized by crotchets; given to odd notions, whims, grouchiness, etc.’.

The thing that needs explaining here is the connection between ‘hook’ and ‘odd fancy; whim’, something that has never been satisfactorily explained. The most likely candidate is that crochet ‘hook’ is used in a sense like ‘twisted’, with the same connotations as that term now has. Another related term having the same semantic pattern is crank ‘an eccentric person; a peculiar whim’, from the main sense ‘bent part of a shaft’. The word bent itself is another, though later, example.”

The adjective crotchety is first found in the early nineteenth century.

How boring…moving on…

National Curmudgeon Day grumpy bad mood

Some say that the day is to be celebrated by never leaving the house.  Those people obviously don’t have kids and errands to run.  Of course there were days when my little monsters were babies that I wouldn’t leave the house shower for days.  Thank goodness those days are long gone.  I am sure my armpits are happy too.

Here’s a list of things that caused me to be a curmudgeon this week.

*The guy who insisted on taking up the treadmill right next to me when there were 8 others to choose from.

*My kids taking 20 minutes to wake up and get out of bed which then made me late getting ready and I left the house without brushing my hair or my teeth!

*My menstrual cycle which was two weeks late and the $10 I spent on a pregnancy test because my period is NEVER late.  My husband is snipped but I have heard stories of women still getting pregnant.

*Denver Broncos haters and all their shit talking.

*My kids writing what resembles hieroglyphics on the side of my dirty SUV…it’s like having an entire bumper sticker that screams “HEY LOOK AT MY MOMMOBILE!”.  I relate when I see other vehicles with the same types of scribbles.

*My husband griping about how many trips I make to the grocery store.  Look dude, we run out of things almost daily and I would just rather do several little trips than one big trip…I am tired of people staring at me with my overflowing cart at the grocery store like I am some kind of alien from the land of kidstune.  Not to mention I loathe loading onto the belt, loading into the cart, loading into the truck, unloading bags from truck to inside the house, and then putting all that shit away!  I’d seriously rather scrape my teeth on the pavement.

National Curmudgeon Day grumpy bad mood

*Our so called new and improved, supposed to be faster, internet that still buffers when I am trying to get my workout on via YouTube.  Nothing like getting all warmed up and sweating only to suddenly have to stop for 10 minutes while it buffers.  By the time it comes back on I have moved onto the couch onto other things.

*I cheated on my healthy track and felt it today at Zumba class.  Just goes to prove that what you put in your body totally effects how you feel.  I had to really push myself and I am feeling a bit curmudgeon.


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~Apologies While I Catch Up~

It seems like lately all I do is play catch up!  Laundry, housework, blogging, the DVR…repeat.  Although I am so far behind in the DVRed shows that I still haven’t finished the most recent season of “The Following” and it ended months ago.

It doesn’t help that I have been on 2 camping trips in the past month either.  I think I was still playing catch up from the first one when we ventured into the second.  And ventured we did.

This trip started out fine and then my father caught a “puking” bug which then passed through every one of my toddlers at different intervals.  One being in the middle of lunch at the “Olive Garden“.  Luckily I had come prepared with a grocery bag in my purse in case the toddler from the night before decided to blow chunks like the exorcist had a repeat vomiting appearance.  The first toddler got sick in the middle of the night and managed to at least make half of it into the toilet in the camper.

Apologies Catching Up Puking Kids

The final puking episode came yesterday on our voyage home.  And to round the lovely trip up to a glorified completion would be mommy getting pulled over doing 96mph in a 70mph zone.  I swear I had no clue I was going that fast until I saw the cop and thought to myself “wow, that’s the first cop I’ve seen today…wait why is he turning his lights on and turning around???…oh shit that’s because I am going 96mph”. **applies break and pulls over**  I had trailed behind my husband, who was pulling the camper… all day…UNDER the speed limit, and the one time I speed ahead because I had to pee….I get pulled over!  Really?!  On the lighter side of that the nice highway patrolman at least lowered the price of my ticket from a whopping $700 to a mere $200.  Still not what I want to spend $200 on but it is what it is.

And so now I play catch up.  There’s at least 20 loads of laundry that need tended to…my blog commenting has been majorly neglected and with that I apologize to everyone.

Somewhere I have lost my linking up list…probably lurking in the piles of laundry…and without it…I am lost.

Apologies Catching Up

And I am sorry.

Please excuse my absence this week as I try my best to get caught up, possibly get a couple new posts written, get my house in somewhat of order, and blow up call my internet provider to see if perhaps there is a reason as to why it takes me 20 minutes for a page to load.  I mean seriously…how long has internet been around now and this is the best there is in rural Nevada?

Apologies Catching Up

Whining her way to bedtime,

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