Farewell To The Mini-Van

We said good-bye to the mini van over the weekend.  The vehicle that had been puked in, pooped on, food spilled in, driven on many family trips, changed 3 babies diapers in, and was my “mom” mobile for so many years.  And without fail it was a reliable source of transportation every time I put the key in the ignition.

Now I must admit that I never felt very “cool” driving the mini-van.  Not because it screams “Hey I am a mom!”… 3 carseats in a porche would say that…although 3 carseats probably wouldn’t fit in a porche but you get my point.  Come on… let’s face it…on the “cool” meter of 1 to 10 the mini-van falls below a 1…just above a station wagon.  I used to say “I will never drive a mini-van!” and then, suddenly one day, there I was driving off the car lot, boohooing to myself, in that exact conveyance.  Although I must admit that at the time it was the best practical vehicle for our “not so little” family.  But over time I started to really wonder who is it that designs mini-vans?  It couldn’t possibly be a mother.  I was constantly hitting my head on something every time I would get in the back to buckle one of the kids in.  A pop up changing table would have come in handy on those days I was bent over changing 3 babies diapers in 120 degree weather on the floorboard of the car.  How about a built in hand vac for when everything from goldfish crackers to watermelon pieces were strewn from one end of the car to the other?


So Saturday morning we made the 2 hour journey into the city to test drive our options.  I had my mind set on a Toyota Sequoia, then a friend of mine posted a link on my Facebook timeline consisting of a review of 2015’s top SUV’s.  I am a woman who has now been given a list of options to compare…and like any woman I changed my mind about a half a dozen times before we had even reached our half way mark to the city.  I peeked at the list and was surprised when I read that  the Sequoia was listed number 8!  I was a bit shocked considering how many people I knew that owned a Sequoia and raved about them.  Number 1 on the list was the Chevy Tahoe.  I did a comparison review between the two and finally realized that the final decision was going to be based on which one I liked driving better.  We hit the Toyota dealership first.  We drove the Sequoia and I liked it but wasn’t quite “sold” on buying it.  It had quite a hefty price tag and the MPG was very upsetting.  I also didn’t like the way it handled the road or how I felt sitting in it.  I am a tall girl and I felt like I was sitting “on” the car rather then “in” it…if that makes any sense.

On our way to test drive the Chevy Tahoe we happened to notice a 2015 GMC Yukon that had “certified preowned vehicle” on the windshield…a 2015 that was already priced as used!  So we stopped to take a peek of course.  It was everything that we were looking for as far as options go.  The exterior and interior were the colors we wanted and it only had 16,000 miles on it.  The Yukon was also listed as #2 on the list…SCORE!  But we still needed to drive it.  The only thing it lacked was cargo space and the 3rd row seating doesn’t offer much leg room.  But with a family of 7 we never have enough cargo space and who cares about the leg room of the teenagers?  Really?  The price and all the bells and whistles on it trumped all that.  And upon test driving it we were SOLD!


The minute I drove it off the lot I could feel my “cool” mommy meter going up.  Not that the type of vehicle one drives defines ones awesomeness but I must admit that driving an SUV compared to a mini-van is more suiting to the “Trista” that I used to know.  As mothers we sometimes lose our individuality.  It’s part of the sacrifice of selfishness that we give up when suddenly there are little people relying on us for everything.  But now as my babies become toddlers and children I realize that it’s ok to work on “me” sometimes.  That working on me means feeling better and in turn just makes me a better mommy and a little less “momster” ….hahahaha who am I kidding?  I will always be a momster.


Lovely Things

A Letter To The “Not So Homeless” Man On The Curb At Wal-mart

You sir are an asshole.

Last week I took pity on you and bought you a breakfast sandwich and an orange juice.  I refuse to give anyone, who pan handles, money for fear that I am just supporting their addiction, but I do believe no one should be hungry in this country.  Although that sandwich and juice weren’t much it was still $3 that I could have spent on my family instead of wasting it on your dishonest self.

Often there are times that when a good deed is offered it goes unrecognized except to the holder of said thoughtfulness.  But today I was so clearly given “a sign” when as I was leaving Wal-Mart…at the very precise moment I was pulling out of the parking lot…who should I see getting out of a new model Toyota car and planting himself, with cardboard sign and backpack in hand, on the curb?  YOU!  If I wouldn’t have had my kids in the car I would have stopped and given you a piece of my mind mister!  You are a disgrace to the human race.  It is people like you who prevent people who are in real need of help, ever getting any.  You are the reason that so many people refuse to give even 5 cents to the “truly” homeless man living in a cardboard box on the street.  Shame on you!