Making Progress

It’s now been a month into my journey of trying to become a better version of me. ¬†I decided to do things a little differently from last year as to try not¬†to set myself up for failure.

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I don’t deprive myself.¬† I eat and snack but make sure to count my calories. ¬†My FitBit app has a counter on it, that even comes with a food scanner, which makes it very easy to keep track throughout the day. ¬†I also don’t feel guilty enjoying the occasional glass of wine or my new-found cocktail made of cranberry juice and Malibu rum with a squeeze of lime. ¬†I allow myself one day a week to indulge and not count calories.

I started out slow with my exercise regimen. It’s still very much winter here so I have been having to get my walking/jogging in via the dreadful treadmill. ¬†I started out with 20 minutes and now after only a month am up to over an hour. ¬†And I have also started to incorporate weights into my routine as well.

treadmill workout beginners
This is the treadmill workout I try to follow most days

I don’t obsess about weight loss. ¬†I weigh myself once a week and have lost 6 pounds this month. ¬†The key thing people need to remember when working out is that you are gaining muscle which weighs more than fat. ¬†Therefore, you will lose inches before losing weight. ¬†I can tell, without measuring, by the way my clothes fit much better.

I am trying out an assortment of essential oils. ¬†I must say that I intend to eventually invest in a diffuser for every room in the house. ¬†So far I am up to 3 and have found a sleep and depression blend that I use often. ¬†The sleep blend I use at night in my diffuser which sits next to my bed, and the depression blend I rub into the bottoms of my feet. ¬†I’ve also discovered bath bombs which used with my Epsom salt manage to relax me at night and helps with any soreness I have succumbed to throughout the day.

I still have bad days. ¬†I’m not going to lie, there are still some days I struggle with not wanting to do much of anything but binge watch television and throw my FitBit at the wall. ¬†But I keep it as a reminder of when I’m doing great as well as not so great. ¬†Plus I love joining challenges with my friends as I can be very competitive which is great at keeping me on track to making progress. ¬†Below are my stats for the last four weeks starting from the end of the month. ¬†Each week I try to do better than the previous week. ¬†As you can see weeks 2 and 3 I failed at that, but like I said…I still have bad days and it’s ok.

fitbit stats exercise tracker      fitbit stats exercise tracker  fitbit results exercise tracker

fitbit stats exercise tracker

I feel that as long as I am doing something that makes me feel better than that to me…is making progress.

If you have a FitBit and would like to join any of my challenges you can find me via email on the app (

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Getting On Track Again

Getting On Track Again.

It’s been one month that I have been on the healthy track again. ¬†And I feel fantastic! ¬†Not much has changed with my body yet but my mind and attitude have changed drastically. ¬†It really is true that exercise and eating right ((we won’t talk about the several pieces of pizza I had the last few days)) truly is the key to feeling better.

Lastnight I took a walk around the neighborhood…something I had done at the beginning of the “getting on track” process and I could do it with much more ease. ¬†I had more energy even though it was 5:30 in the evening. ¬†Oh in case I forgot to mention…my neighborhood is full of hills…very big hills that are equivalent to putting the treadmill on a 10 incline. ¬†It’s a workout. ¬†But afterwards I just felt great! ¬†For those of you starting out on the healthy track or you started a new year’s resolution but then it faded…it’s never too late to start again! ¬†Grab a friend, your husband, hell…even grab a kid or two if you have to and get moving!