Monday’s Music Mantra ~ Jan 25, 2016

Mondays Music Mantra tunes videoes


Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday!  I for one had a bit of a rocky start to my morning but I am moving right along now and taking a little time to breathe and listen to some music.

First up is a band that has been around for awhile now. ¬†This particular song dates back to 2009…a year that changed my life forever.

Dinosaur Jr. ~ Feel The Pain

Now I love R.E.M but I happened to catch the rendition of this song by this band on the radio the other day and loved it.  So decided to check out some more of their songs and I am hooked.

Lacuna Coil ~ Losing My Religion¬† It didn’t have the coding for the video available so just click the link and it will take you to the video. ¬†I promise it won’t disappoint.

This next song came on during my workout this morning and put a little pep in my step. ¬†Sometimes there’s just certain songs that get the endorphins rattled up. ¬†This is one for me. ¬†Plus I happen to love Lady Gaga’s oddness. ¬†It’s put her on the map. ¬†Have you seen her in the most recent season of American Horror Story?

Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce ~ Telephone

Last on my list today is a song that I do believe was the first song my hubby ever said reminded him of me when he would listen to it.  I heard it today and it brought back good memories and a smile.

3 Doors Down ~ I Need You

Have a music mind blowing Monday everyone!




Monday’s Music Mantra ~ Jan 18,2016

mondays music mantra tunes

Hello all my Monday music fans. ¬†Welcome to another Monday’s Music Mantra with DJ DomMom. ¬†**grins**

Hope everyone is having a good Monday since this is actually a day off for most people.  I for one was happy about not having to set an alarm clock.

This first song takes me back…way back…and will forever remind me of a camping trip I took with a bunch of my girlfriends. ¬†It was just an overnighter at Lake Mead, NV, but the memories will forever remain and every time this song comes on it takes me right back to that very night and all the alcohol that was consumed¬† shit talking that was spoken fun that was had.

Candlebox ~ Far Behind

Of course I have to throw a chic band in here with the mix. ¬†These girls remind me of a band I used to listen to in the 80’s¬† in my youth¬†when I was a teenager, called “Vixen“. ¬†Their sound is so similar to me.

Halestorm ~ I Am The Fire

So with Vixen being mentioned…why not throw them in here too!

Vixen ~ Edge Of A Broken Heart

I think these guys have become one of my new favorite bands.  I am sure if any of my old band members read this post they would think I had fallen off into the deep end of the music spool, but I just really like all of their songs.

Nothing More ~ Here’s To The Heartache

And for my final song I am picking one that holds a lot of meaning to me. ¬†I have read the lyrics a hundred times…it’s like they have come right from my own thoughts. ¬†Not to mention that Eddie Vedder‘s voice is so distinctive.

Pearl Jam ~ Sirens

Hope you all enjoy my musical picks for this fabulous Monday. ¬†If you are off for the day, then enjoy! ¬†If you are working…well sorry about that.



Monday’s Music Mantra ~ Jan 11, 2016

monday music mantra

Is it seriously almost the middle of January already?

Today is a very special day because 6 years ago on this day I was giving birth to my mini monster B man. ¬†Can’t believe it’s been 6 years. ¬†Happy Birthday my little man!

And now onto my Monday’s Music Mantra picks for this week.

I am not sure how new these guys are but they are new to me.  This song is so catchy to me, and I find myself turning up the volume every time this song comes on.

Imagine Dragons ~ Radioactive

This next song is a song I have grown to love from taking my Zumba classes. ¬†Probably because I know that the class is over and it’s the “cool down” song. ¬†Yes let’s just pretend that it’s not the theme song for 50 Shades Of Gray. ¬†Loved the books but they should have never made a movie out of them. ¬†Unless it would have been in the form of let’s say a porno x-rated film.

Ellie Goulding ~ Love Me Like You Do

Since it is my little man’s birthday and he sings along with this song every time it comes on the radio I must put this in today’s line-up. ¬†I love these guys and have been listening to them for a long time.

Shinedown ~ Cut The Cord

Getting back to my real roots here. ¬†I do and always will love me a good punk rock girl band. ¬†I used to listen to these girls ALL THE TIME. ¬†Think it’s time to dig out some of my old music.

Go Betty Go ~ Saturday

I happened to catch this video on a Facebook post this week. ¬†It’s a great remix of a great classic by¬†Simon And Garfunkel

Disturbed ~ The Sound Of Silence

Quite the eclectic mix this week…but that’s me…never listening to the same beat.