Hands Off

Well imagine my surprise  when I woke up this morning to learn that Gwen Stefani’s new song is related to the recent divorce of her and Gavin Rossdale!  WHAT!?!?  I am just learning of this news and it happened in August?!?!

But that’s not what this post is about….

There are allegations, which based on their history I am going to say are true about Gavin Rossdale cheating.  But even that is not what this post is about…

This post is about the woman who came forth and said she was the one he cheated with.  Why didn’t you just say no to him?  You knew he was married.  And you knew his wife was deeply in love with him so why….oh why didn’t you just find your girl power somewhere and say NO!  Even if they weren’t in love with each other, or having problems where their marriage was vulnerable…why not just wait to approach him after the marriage has resolved …on paper…signed by both parties? They weren’t even separated…they JUST HAD A BABY LAST YEAR!  And if the truth is that you are their nanny…then really shame on you! You will never be anything but a cliche’. Enjoy that title.

Hands Off cheating relationships marriage

What is with being a home wrecker?

I see it all the time, read about it all the time, girls pursuing married men…knowing they are married and vice versa. Like somewhere, along the way, when someone says ‘I’m married”, the meaning, has flown clean out the window. What is wrong with people? Why cheat? Oh I know why cause you’re fucking insecure that’s why.

If a man or woman tells you that they are married…back the fuck off! Why does someone always want what someone else has…enough to destroy a family over it? Does that make you feel good about yourself in some way? If I was Gwen Stefani I would sue the nanny just to make a point. The nanny knew what the situation was and yet it didn’t stop her from being with him. Let’s face it, some men don’t think with their heads…not men like Gavin Rossdale anyway. Piece of shit. Piece of shit nanny.

15 years of marriage…just gone…because a man thought with his penis instead of using his brain. I hope his fame and fortune fail…I hope karma bites him in the ass just like it did Tiger Woods cause let’s face it…that man hasn’t been on top of the golfing world since he was caught cheating.

Oh and I know women do it too. Probably more than most think they do. Women just hide it better is all. It takes more then someone waving their genitals around for a woman to cheat. Studies show that women usually cheat because of an emotional connection…men cheat cause they can’t keep their dick in their pants. It doesn’t matter how much they love someone…when someone comes along flashing the goods it’s like the penis takes over stupidity sets in.  Now I am not saying all men and women, but some.  The weak ones.

Hands Off cheating marriage relationships

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