Friday’s Top 5: 4/24

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Better late then never I always say!!!  It was a crazy Friday last week for me and I had limited internet access so let’s just pretend it’s still Friday shall we?

My picks for the week are as follows:

Queen Of Three – A mommy of identical twin boys.

The Sonia Show – Writer. Mocker. Beer Drinker. Old Movie Watcher. Mother. Goober

Mother Beerist – Motherhood should come with a manual and a cold glass of beer.

The Joy Of 5 – 1 mummy, 5 kids, 7days a week.

Life, Love, And Dirty Dishes – Tales from the parenting frontline: What life without love and a few dirty dishes?

Sorry for the delay and hope you enjoy!!!

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Friday’s Top Five 4/17


Another Friday is upon us!  It’s been a crazy week here in the land of #Souzaville.  But of course I made time to find some new blogs this week and here they are:

The Gold Brick Road

Sippy Cups And Booze Becase sometimes trying to raise 8 boys is like trying to nail jello to a tree!

So Then Stories Sharing the funny…one story at a time

Choking On Applesauce Seeking the positive in motherhood’s most honest moments

Doctomum Prescribing sarcasm, self medicating on toddy and hand rearing the kids (usually into a cupboard)



Friday’s Top Five: 4/3

Wow another week has already flown by!  Time for my weekly blogger love and my weekly top 5!

Coffee Break Blogger  She is a mother of 4 kids and newbie to the blogging world.

The Storyteller Adobe  Enter the world of make believe.

Three Boys And A Mom  Life is crazy, messy, and absolutely beautiful.

Cuddle Fairy  She is a wife and a Mommy to three kids…oldest is 8, 5, and 2.

Wide Eye Funk  The World Startles.



Friday’s Top Five 3/27

Haven’t been able to post much the past couple days due to company coming a few days earlier then expected and just my general chaos of mine and my youngest daughter’s birthdays’ today.  But to keep my Friday’s in full swing here are my weekly top 5 picks of great blogs for the week!

Mom of 1 and 10 The musings of a stay at home mom of 2 girls, ages 14 months, and 10 years old.

Blogging For Therapy An anxious and awesome mom blogging her way through parenting and depression.

Kelzbelzphotography  Her journey through the good, bad, and the ugly.

Sincerely, Becca A mother raising an autistic child and blogging about it and various other things.

CEO Of The Household She writes about being a SAHM, budgeting, and even makes her own baby food.

Another week of great reads.  Thanks to these bloggers for giving me something entertaining to read and I hope the rest of you have a chance to take a glance into their lives blogs.


Friday’s Top Five 3/20

Had some free time to read blogs this week while healing from the “loss of my wisdom” and here are my weekly top 5 blogs:

The Innovative Mama…Recipes, Crafts, and Other Simplistic Ideas for Busy Moms with Busy Lifestyles

Behind The White Coat…Beats a Real Human Heart

Laugh Up My Sleeve…A collection of experiences, humor, and advice from a girl who doesn’t quite have her crap together

The TJ Blog…Everything You Never Needed to Know