Workout Wednesdays ~ Feb 3, 2016

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This week was a failed one.  Not only did I fall off the wagon but then it came back and ran me over for a second time.

Last Wednesday night we went out with some friends for dinner and I decided to have a beer…which led to 2 or 3 or

Got Beer?
….let’s say I stopped counting.  So of course the next day I was hungover didn’t feel up to par nor did I feel much like working out.  Beer…it does a body good right?  WRONG.


Friday morning I went and worked out but it was a struggle.  Let’s face it…in my 40’s it takes more time to recoup from a night of drinking.  Like days instead of hours.  And it just goes to show that what we fuel our bodies with can make or break how we feel.

Then Saturday my hubby and I decided to go into the city for our Valentine’s Day celebration since this weekend is Super Bowl and he will be working the two weekends after that.  Now mind you, we did A LOT of walking that day…cause we were shopping.  I had reached my goal of 20 pounds gone and treated myself to some new workout clothes, workout shoes, and a pair of jeans 2 sizes smaller.

Then we went to dinner…at the Macaroni Grille…where they have bread, and pasta….and WINE!  And let’s just mention the fried calamari too.

Yep I indulged in IT ALL.

There wasn’t even a to go box.

Or any wine left in the bottle.

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Therefore Sunday I didn’t go to the gym…I moved around pretty much like a sloth…never leaving my pajamas or my bed for that matter…and I watched TV ALL. DAY. LONG.  I can’t remember the last time I watched that much TV.   It was cold and snowing outside after already dumping a bunch of snow on us the day before so needless to say it was a day to be stuck in the house and the perfect day to be a lazy ass do nothing.

But Monday’s were made for getting back on track!  And that’s just what I did! 200.gif I went to the gym in the morning and to Zumba in the evening.  Also hit the grocery store in between which is a workout in itself.

This is one day’s worth of tracking.  Yep I am proud!

FitBit activity tracker steps goals miles calories burned

So now I am up against trying to decide if I am going to splurge on Super Bowl Sunday.  My team is playing in case you didn’t know!  Let’s take a vote…do I eat pizza and drink beer or do I stick to my guns and stay on track for the remainder of the month?

And don’t forget that Monday Feb 8 is my #activitytrackerchallenge!  I have a few of you motivated to take me up on it let’s get some more!!!  If you missed the details about it you can read them here.

My results for this week are below.  Even with getting off track I still lost almost a pound…therefore the scale as of this morning says the same as it did last Wednesday!  I am ok with that.  Still shooting for 90,000 in a week.  I WILL GET THERE!

FitBit activity tracker miles steps fitness health

Now get your ass up and get moving!!!


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Workout Wednesdays ~ Jan 6, 2016

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I started working out last year around Halloween time.  Was doing great, even made it through Thanksgiving and still managed to get to the gym after the turkey holiday.

Then December rolled in and it was like “Oh fuck it, let’s just eat all these goodies and wrap the scale in a box and put it under the Christmas tree.”

And boy did I eat the goodies.

I mean seriously…I can’t let all that yummy stuff that my friends slaved to make go to waste…right???

Oh and that cheesecake….I freaking love cheeeeeeesecaaaaaake. ¬†It doesn’t even need a topping.

fat weight gain funny humor cat

So January is here now, and so is the scale, and everyone is busy making their new year resolutions and here is just a little list of mine.

I decided to quit drinking. ¬†Pick your chin up off the floor…you read that correctly…no more wine, beer, vodka…nadda! ¬†Except for rare special occasions. ¬†Like for instance if the Denver Broncos make it to the Super Bowl this year and win…that will be cause for celebration and lots of ingesting of booze alcohol wine….whatever I shall feel like consuming that day. ¬†Let’s go BRONCOS!

wine workout fitness health

But there will be no more bottles of wine opened while making dinner and finished before bedtime. ¬†No more cocktails when I have had a really rough day and the kids have disintegrated my nerves. ¬†And no more ice-cold beers on date nights with the hubby. ¬†However, there will still be date nights…most likely at the local movie theatre where no alcohol is served.

I know it’s only been 5 days…but so far so good. ¬†My husband of course thinks there is no way that I am going to give up wine. ¬†Therefore, now it’s turned into a challenge. ¬†**thinks about the lovely taste of a good red wine embracing her palette**


Ah yes back to reality…I’ve been challenged.

The gym. ¬†The gym will be somewhere I am going to be visiting daily…on Tuesdays and Thursdays it will be twice a day as I am going to take up a Zumba class with my lovely “let’s hope we don’t die laughing or fall on our faces” partner Heather. ¬†I don’t do well with aerobic classes in the fact that I hate repetition, but I have heard a lot of good stuff about Zumba so I gave it a shot…

There was a lot of hip thrusting…dance moves…and me huffing and puffing watching the clock. ¬†Rhythm is also helpful in a Zumba class as every move is to the beat of music.


There were also these little two-pound weight shaker objects that when you first pick them up you think “oh this is like nothing”. But after swinging them around in the air for an hour they feel like 50 pound weights. ¬†Or maybe I’m just really out of shape. ¬†I remember going to the clubs in my 20’s and 30’s and dancing my ass off and not skipping a beat or breaking a sweat but that was because there was large amounts of alcohol in my body which we all know gives you the energy of a 2-year-old.

All in all I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the Zumba class and highly recommend anyone that has contemplated going to do so. ¬†The part I mentioned about rhythm, yes…it’s good to have but there were plenty of people who didn’t have any and were still there trying. ¬†One lady was like 70 and she was rocking it.

Time to start choosing the right fuel to put in my body.  I ate nothing but crappy food the entire month of December and drank enough booze to open my own bar.  And my body let me know it.

Even getting back to the gym the extra weight I put on makes it that much harder to work out. ¬†Even 5 pounds…just pick up a 5 pound bag of potatoes and imagine yourself carrying all that extra weight around.

I have designated 2016 as my year to fix me. ¬†When you fix yourself first, then you are a better person for those around you. ¬†I will be posting about my progress every Wednesday so stay tuned…

Have you made any goals for 2016?  Let me know in the comments.


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Bring On The Vino

I have always loved the Barefoot line of wines. ¬†They are on the cheaper side but they never leave me with a headache and their red line is mighty tasty. ¬†Tonight I am trying the “Sweet Red Blend”

Bottle_167x625_Sweet Red Blend

It’s very similar to the “Sweet Red” but maybe just a tad less sweet. ¬†I bet over some ice and a splash of club soda would make it a great little summertime spritzer. ¬†Although it’s so hard to think about summer right now as it has been rainy and cold all day. So instead I will just pour myself another glass, put the mini monsters to bed, and have a date with my bathtub. ¬†Bubbles and Epsom Salt and a bottle glass of wine, put the “f@%k it all” mood at bay.

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The A-Z Of Me

I was tagged for this lovely challenge by Modern Dad Pages. ¬†He’s a very busy dad with many great musings about fatherhood and life in general. ¬†Please take a look at his blog if you haven’t already.

Now I must say that trying to come up with 26 facts relating to myself is going to be a test of my patience ADD mental strain but here it goes…

I am already struggling with the letter A…for some reason asshole keeps popping in my head.

A- I love the artist in me.  If I am creating then I am at my best!

B- I can be a real bitch…but I own it.

A to Z of me

C- I am starting to realize that this challenge about myself is turning out to be quite the conundrum.

D- I prefer dogs over cats.


E- My eyes are hazel.

F- When I lived in southern Nevada I would wear flip flops year round…here in the northern hemisphere it’s frowned upon.

G- My love of silver far exceeds gold.

H-¬†There’s no place like home. ¬†**claps her flip flops together**

I- Trying to win an argument with me is quite impossible. ¬†Especially when I don’t really argue about anything unless I know I am right about it.

J- I’m in love with Tim Burton characters…especially Jack Skeleton. ¬†So much so that I am currently in the process of getting my entire arm done in character tattoos.

K- I love kissing random strangers my husband.

A to Z of Me Domesticated Momster #humor #funny

L- I love anything that makes me laugh out loud.

M- Being a mom is absolutely the best decision I have ever made in my life…regardless of what my blog says ūüėČ

N- I have a fear of needles but a tattoo gun doesn’t bother me.

O- If the wine has been opened…the bottle is getting drank.

A to Z of me Domesticated Momster #funny #humor

P- Photography is one of my favorite hobbies and I hope to make money at it someday.

Q- I question life everyday.

R- Rain is a beautiful gift of nature and I would love more of it here in the western hemisphere.

S- I am not a big fan of shopping for clothes but give me a home decor section and I am like a kid in a candy store.

A to Z of me Domesticated Momster #funny #humor

T- Telling the truth has always set me free.

U- I find that having to urinate is such a waste of my time.

V- Is it inappropriate to talk about my vagina? ¬†How about my vibrator? ¬†Vulva? ¬†Wow the V’s are easy.

W- I have traveled to many parts of the world.

X- There are days in the life of motherhood that require xanax. ¬†Unfortunately I don’t have any. ¬†Therefore I substitute with wine.

A to Z of Me Domesticated Momster #funny #humor

Y- Yellow is my least favorite color…I look awful in it.

Z- I had a slight obsession with the Zynga game, FarmVille2.  My husband threatened to divorce me so I had to quit playing as much.

The End,


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The Wine Vinturi Gadget

Vinturi aerator enlarged x2

While I was in the city recently I decided I wanted to go to a TJMaxx Home Goods Store. ¬†I was there last week with all 5 kids in tow and well let’s just say that mommy isn’t good at keeping focus when on the crazy train shopping with the kids. ¬†Have you ever tried on jeans with 3 toddlers in your dressing room? ¬†They yell out the color of your underwear…they ask about the dimples in your ass….and don’t even get me started on the tampon string. ¬†And it never fails…as soon as I am naked and getting ready to try on my “maybe” purchases…one yells “Mommy! I need to go poop! NOW!” ¬†Regardless of whether they really do or not … you take them as to avoid them taking a shit ca ca on the floor of the dressing room.

Ok I am really getting off course about my new find here.

I was disappointed to find upon my return to this particular store that the stuff I had so hopelessly wanted, had already been sold out. ¬†Literally in two days it was GONE! ¬†So I decided to convey my way through the narrow isles of housewares, trying not to break anything. ¬†This is hard to do when there are rows of glass shelves full of huge glass pieces and you keep meeting up with the same “isle hog whore” “isle space demanding” lady around every corner. ¬†Like I was somehow suppose to move my cart and risk bumping my clumsy self into one of these shelves. ¬†It would be a “clean up” and “get your credit card out” on isle 2.

Now I love kitchen gadgets…and kitchen gadgets that have anything to do with wine are the key straight to my lips¬†heart. ¬†I notice several boxes with the picture above printed on them. ¬†I am trying to convince myself that I really don’t need it and begin to put the box down when a woman picks one up and starts talking to me. ¬†She explains that she has used these gadgets at the “Wine and Picasso” events in the city and that every glass of wine just tasted so much better. ¬†SOLD! ¬†It’s now in my cart and on it’s way out the door, stopping at check-out first of course.


Of course I get home that night and want to try it out but I had no red wine in the house (yes I fucking drank it all …don’t judge) but I was too tired to go to the store to get more. ¬†So tonight I stop by the store, after burning a ton of calories at the gym…I didn’t eat dinner therefore I have decided that I am going to consume my carbs in wine…and I pick up a bottle of red wine that I wasn’t too fond of the first time I had bought it. ¬†I am going to put this gadget to the test.

22ef922329502156edf35729168fb438    BqEKRnlCcAE8sgG

First of all it makes the coolest sound as you pour the wine through it and instantly you can see the air bubbles in your glass.  The aroma steeps from the glass and you can instantly smell all the flavors in which the bottle embraces.

If you are a red wine lover and have ever opened a bottle of wine and thought it tasted a little too bitter…I highly recommend you get one of these contraptions.


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10 Reasons That You Might Have Taken SAHM To A Whole New Level


You quit your job thinking that no one could raise your kids better then yourself. ¬†At first it’s an exciting new adventure thinking you get to sleep without setting an alarm and spend every waking moment with your new little one/ones. ¬†You plan out how your days will be spent and what activities you will be doing…you got this right? ¬†Wrong.


1. ¬†The Up-D0. ¬†You roll out of bed and find the closest piece of hair gear that will keep all your ball of tangled mess in one place. ¬†All while taking the least amount of effort as possible. ¬†I don’t care who you are…no one wakes up looking like a movie star.

2. ¬†You think about getting dressed. ¬†But then realize you aren’t going anywhere today so decide fuck it who cares what I look like. ¬†You also justify this to yourself by thinking about how it will cut down on the quantity of laundry you have to do. ¬†This applies to the children as well.

3.  A shower becomes last on your list of things to do.  This also applies to shaving any part of your body.  Your husband awakens in the middle of the night because he just had a dream of Chewbacca from

chewbacca star wars stay at home mom shaving

wanting to cuddle” only to realize it’s you in your coat of human fur caressing up against him. ¬†You sniff your armpits and down the front of your shirt to confirm that there will be no midnight quickie tonight. The next day you realize you need to tend to the Boob sweat, which ¬†is just simply cleaned away with a wipey and some fresh deodorant keeps the BO at bay.


4. ¬†The make-up in your caddy becomes expired. ¬†Gone are the days of having oodles of time to get your face paint looking just right. ¬†Now it’s rub off the mascara that’s under your eyes after going to bed without washing it off and it then becomes new eyeliner…then apply fresh mascara. ¬†Easy Peasy right? ¬†Don’t forget to rub some vaseline on your lips while tending to the baby’s diaper rash apply lipgloss. ¬†Here’s a great video by Jesse James Decker on how to get the “dewey” look…but who has time to apply that many layers of face goo? ¬†Even amongst the non-SAHMs?

stay home mom SAHM make-up

5. ¬†¬†“Slipping into something more comfortable” now means sweats or yoga pants…not lingerie. ¬†When coming home from a great date night with your husband you look at the time and count how many hours of sleep you are now losing before the kids are going to be in your face screaming “MOMMY WAKE UP…I NEED YOU” ¬†You throw on your ugliest pair of sweats or yoga pants in hopes that he will just not find you charming enough to have sex with…just this once. ¬†The “no shower since yesterday and now it’s bedtime” works pretty well too.


6. ¬†Caffeine and wine become a necessity instead of an enjoyed frill. ¬†You buy wine by the box and drink it in a cup rather then an ornamental wine glass. ¬†Kids break that shit. ¬†And on really bad days you sip it through a straw. ¬†The kids begin to recognize your “mommy” cup and know to stay clear from putting their little lips on it to take a sip of your “mommy juice“. ¬†You used to drink those frilly coffee drinks from “you know where” but now they have been replaced with just straight up shots of expresso. ¬†If you could bag it intravenously to your arm and roll with it on a stand like an IV at the hospital…YOU WOULD.


7. ¬†When you do dress up…people don’t recognize you. ¬†You run around town in your sweats and yoga pants. ¬†You have replaced the house slippers with tennis shoes as to possibly fool people into thinking that you might have just come from the gym in this attire you possess. ¬†You drop your kids off at school and because you are not a morning person anymore you do this just after rolling out of bed..sometimes forgetting to remove the house slippers before piling the kids into the car. ¬†Upon seeing anyone out when “dressed up” (usually only for date nights) ¬†their reply is “You look so pretty.” ¬†This translates to “You look like shit the rest of the time.” ¬†You justify this to yourself by your being a SAHM and looking the part. Or you can just bitch slap them.bitch slap SAHM

8. ¬†Girls nights out are replaced with playdates. ¬†Having children when your friends are not, changes the entire dynamic of a friendship. ¬†You used to stay out until the sun was coming up and then stopping for breakfast before heading home. ¬†Now you are like Cinda-fucking-rella and worried about getting home by midnight so you can still get enough sleep to handle the little balls of energy that your husband’s sperm bank created who will want your attention regardless of the headache that ails you. ¬†“Mommy doesn’t feel good” has no translation to them. ¬†No meaning WHAT-SO-EVER. ¬†Consequently you resort to playdates and trying to find another mom that you may have something to cling to in common with.


9. ¬†You have replaced your spa days with hours by yourself at the grocery store. ¬†As much as you hate grocery shopping, if it’s a chance to go somewhere by yourself, you consume every bit of that duration that you can…taking the time to go through each isle…even the isles that you know don’t contain anything that you need to buy. ¬†In the car you blare your favorite 80’s music taking you back to before kids if only for a short car ride home.

10. ¬†You know every song to every disney show/movie. ¬†The kids have all gone to bed and 2 hours later you look up to realize that “Doc McStuffins” is still chanting “Time For A Check-up” through the speakers of ¬†your television. ¬† Social media has become your only means to the outside world. ¬†You are so engrossed in what’s going on in everyone else’s life that you could care less that it’s now time for “The Hot Dog Dance” for the second time since you put your kids to bed.


Laughing until my eyes pop out!

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~A Relationship With Food~

Relationship to food…

relationship food hungry sushi eating

Who in their right mind doesn’t have a love for food? ¬†Yes I realize that those who struggle with eating disorders may have a different view about food but thankfully I have never had any type of eating disorder. ¬†I do however have a long list of other disorders. ¬†But let’s stick to the subject at hand here shall we?

I love everything about food…except having to shop for it as I have written before.

I watch endless amounts of cooking shows to help improve my culinary skills.  I even save some of them to my DVR to have reference to when needed.  I have so many recipes pinned on my Pinterest that every time I try to look one up I spend more time scrolling to locate it then I actually do preparing it.


If I am hungry then I also get super cranky and become a crazed lunatic angry human in 2.5 seconds if food does not quickly come in contact with my mouth. ¬†I am talking PMS related cranky with a side of psychotic behavior….more then my usual psychotic conduct. ¬†And if we go to a restaurant and there is too much of a wait I will insist that we get back in the car and drive to another location…which yes I realize is a catch 22 because sometimes it can take longer deciding where else we want to go and then traveling to said destination instead of just waiting at the first preference.


My favorite food to inhale indulge, until I have to unbutton my pants, is Sushi. ¬†Here in Nevada we are a bit spoiled because most sushi places in the city are “all you can eat”. ¬† And I consume well over my “all you can shove in your mouth eat” price. ¬†Even talking about it right now my mouth is literally watering. ¬†**wipes drool off the keyboard** ¬†My Little B Man loves it too. ¬†I ate sushi during my entire pregnancy…yes I know they say you aren’t suppose to but what do you think the Japanese do? ¬†Stop eating sushi while pregnant? ¬†Heck no and look how smart they are. ¬†Little B Man is well above his age spectrum as well and literally will take a raw piece of salmon and shove it in his mouth just like his mama. ¬†I really don’t know if his being smart, and me eating sushi while pregnant, has any relation but I was simply stating he came out fine.

Now as for the loving food but not wanting to be fat is simple. ¬†It has nothing to do with looks but more with health. ¬†I have a long line of “weight related” illnesses in my gene pool and well I really don’t want to be another statistic. ¬†This is the main reason I have recently decided to make a change and start exercising. ¬†I really don’t eat much bad food. ¬†(wine doesn’t count) But I am falling short on being more active. ¬†This doesn’t mean that I constantly deprive myself from “goodies” ¬†but I believe everything should be within moderation….again wine doesn’t count.

For The Love Of Food,

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