~Starting A Blog Using WordPress~

How To Start A Blog Using WordPress

So you have decided that you want to officially start your blog using WordPress?  Now I am no expert at WordPress, and pretty much everything I have done has been through trial and error, but I am going to share with you how to start a blog using WordPress with what I have learned.

Once you have gotten to WordPress.com and had a look around and decided that you want to use them as your platform, the next thing is choosing a domain name.  Now in a post that I have written before, once you decide you want to blog you should first choose a blog name, then check to make sure that name hasn’t been taken, next make an email account using that name, and then proceed to setting up a WordPress account using that email addy.Starting A Blog Using WordPress

Once you have done this and get to the domain choosing page of WordPress just type in the name you have chosen.  It will automatically pull up options for that domain name.

I chose the free option here as I already own a domain through WordPress.  If you think that you are going to be serious about blogging then I suggest going self-hosted from the start.  But if you are just wanting to get your feet a bit damp then free  is the best route.  I have still not switched to self hosted with Domesticated Momster and **knocks on wood** have not found a reason why to.  I did however, buy my domain name through WordPress.

After selecting the free option, it will take you to a page to choose a theme.  I chose a simple theme and then chose to customize the theme.How To Start A Blog Using WordPress

If you purchase even the smallest package through WordPress it will give you more options in the customization mode but to just get started there are still plenty of options.

How To Start A Blog Using WordPressOnce you are in the custom screen you can re-enter the domain name as you want it to appear on the top of the page.  You can also enter a tagline which will appear directly under your title.  Tag lines are usually used to describe a little about what your blog is about. For instance, with Domesticated Momster my tagline reads “what happens to mommy when she gets to 3“.  For this demo I didn’t choose a tagline.How To Start A Blog Using WordPress

You can also insert a logo here if you have made one.  Logos are great to use throughout all social media as a way of people recognizing you.  They are usually created using a graphic designer but if you are like me and familiar with how to use Photoshop then you can make your own.  Once you have your title, tag line, and logo all set then just click on the little back arrow just below the X which will take you to more customizing options.

Here you can choose colors and backgrounds.  This particular theme only has an option to change the background which I did here to a lovely shade of purple. Some themes give other coloring options such as coloring your titles and links.How To Start A Blog Using WordPressThis theme may also have other options had I purchased a package with it.  In addition, being self-hosted gives you a ton of options in how you want your blog to look.  But like I said….if you are just wanting to see if you even like the world of blogging than a free WordPress platform is fine.  No point in dishing out the expense if you are just going to test the waters.

You can then choose what type of font you want for your site’s titles and body text…

How To Start A Blog Using WordPress

Just click on the highlighted blue line and it will produce a drop down menu with several font options.  When choosing one it will then show the examples on your blog page to the right.  Feel free to play around with a few.  There is also some font type and size options as well.

Next is the widgets section.  I know you are probably asking yourself WTF is a widget???  And I asked myself the very same thing and even after a year of blogging, I am still not 100 percent clear on the proper definition but they all go in the sidebar of your blog. How To Start A Blog Using WordPress You can choose to add however many widgets you would like but I am always about keeping it simple at first and then adding as you go along.  As for suggestions on what I feel is important in your sidebar…a picture of yourself and your social buttons are a top priority of mine.   Because… well… your readers are going to want to know what you look like and where to find you right?  If you aren’t interested in the world knowing what you look like then of course don’t put a pic of yourself but maybe find a free clip art avatar to use.  Wordpress uses a Gravatar profile in which you can enter any picture you would like.

How To Start A Blog Using WordPress

Most themes support an “about me” page.  I highly recommend having one.  You can keep it simple or go into great detail about who the person behind the blog is.  If you would like to check out an example you can locate mine for Domesticated Momster here.  The about page really helps with your reader’s curiosity about getting to know you.  To create the page just simply click on edit from this page and it will take you to a post writing page that looks like this…

How To Start A Blog Using WordPress

Just title It “About…” and start writing then when finished press the blue update button at the bottom.  You have finished the first step to starting a blog with WordPress.

In my next series on The How To’s Of WordPress I will explain how to write your first post.  So be sure to stay tuned.

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Blogging Tips With Domesticated Momster Part 1

blogging tips domesticated momster

When I first decided to start a blog, I had no clue where to start.  Along the way I have learned A LOT.  This would actually be an understatement for I am still learning stuff everyday and I have been blogging for over 6 months now.  Over the course of this time with my blog, I have been asked by others how they might go about starting a blog.  Therefore, I have decided to share some of my blogging tips for anyone wanting to start a blog or for those of you who have been blogging for some time now.  Below is the first part of a series of tips that I will be adding to in future blogs.

Part 1~

Think of a clever name. ¬†Your name is so important. ¬†The catchier it is…the better. ¬†I thought of my name in approximately 30 seconds and it stuck. ¬†Think of key words that describe you or what you plan to blog about. Think “simple to remember” so that when readers want to find you they can type the name easily into any search engine.

Research a blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger and decide which platform will suit your needs the most. ¬†I had only ever heard of WordPress so I set up my account with them. ¬†Wordpress is great for beginners and very user friendly. ¬†You can get a free domain or you can pay and own your domain name. ¬†I suggest doing this so that no one else can claim it. ¬†A lot of bloggers continue on to use a self hosting platform such as Bluehost or Go Daddy. ¬†I have not yet ventured into that but I can’t stress enough to DO YOUR RESEARCH. ¬†For a list of the most commonly used hosts, click here. ¬†If you plan on blogging for a long time and getting serious about it, then I suggest self hosting from the start. ¬†Don’t be afraid to talk to other bloggers to find out who they use and if they are happy with their host.

Make Email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and any other social media site accounts, using your domain name. ¬†It is much preferable if your domain name is used throughout all your social media for then it is easier for those who are looking for you, to find you. ¬†I can’t stress enough the importance of this.

Choose a logo.  A logo is going to be a part of your blogs identity.  Keeping it simple and related to your brand is best.  There are lots of free images on the internet.  Or if you are familiar with photoshop then you can custom design your own.  There are sites such as PicMonkey and Ribbet that have images and editing features to help with designing media. There is also the option of hiring a graphic designer but this can be expensive for just starting out your blog.  It is important that when people see your logo they can recognize you and your logo can be used throughout all social media.   You can also use something as simple as a picture of yourself.  For a great article explaining the different types of logos click here.

Choose a theme.  A theme is what is used to design your blog page.  Wordpress has many themes to choose from.  They have themes for blogs specializing in categories such as Photography or Travel.  There are plenty of free ones to choose or if you want to step it up there are lots of themes that can be purchased. I would suggest using a free theme to start out. I changed my theme several times before finding one I liked.

Write your first post. ¬†Think about what you want to write about. ¬†Topics that you are knowledgable about and produce it in a way that will keep the reader interested from start until finish. ¬†Start with a catchy title. ¬†Use images or memes throughout your post…don’t be boring. ¬†If you proof read it and find yourself yawning then most likely so will your readers. Keep most of your blog posts between 300 and 800 words. ¬†Informative but not so long that your reader begins to wander off, fall asleep, or never want to return to your blog again.

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I have a confession to make. ¬†I literally stumbled upon the world of blogging. ¬†I had never given it even a thought until one day someone mentioned that I should blog. ¬†I am sure it’s because they adored my sense of humor and witty antics that they felt it should be shared with the world. ¬†**pats self on head**

I had never read blogs…except for maybe the occasional ones that were posted in my Facebook feed. ¬†But other then that had never even subscribed to a single blog. ¬†Had really no idea that there was an entire blogging universe that was just waiting for me to discover it.


My blogging days started in October of 2014. ¬†I literally sat down one day…did a couple google searches about “starting a blog” and 5 minutes later I had a name and an account on WordPress. ¬†I even bought my domain name before I even published my first blog. ¬†I have been known to be impulsive. ¬†This also means that I had no clue as to what I was actually doing.

So there I was just tinkering away with my blog. ¬†Made quite a few blog posts, posted some photography, took a blogging 101 university class(which I learned a lot from), and was basically just doing everything by trial and error…with lots of errors. ¬†Then December rolled around and between getting ready for the holidays and my January/February “funk” I really didn’t do much with my blog. ¬†And the stats reminded me of that.


Then sometime in late February I decided it was time to rekindle my love affair with my blog.

Owing to the fact that I started my blog without a clue to what I was doing I did not make most of my social media accounts using Domesticated Momster.   So last night I made an email account and a new twitter account using my blog name.  I also made a new Pinterest and linked my blog Facebook page onto my home page.  So if any of you have been following me on any of those social networks please follow my new ones.


Blogging is very time consuming.  I am learning something new what seems like daily.  Luckily I love to learn new stuff and thrive on making blogging fun and not a dreaded convention.  The extraordinary people and charming blogs that I stumble upon along the way are delightedly just a bonus.