Daily Post: Third From The Top

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Third From the Top.”

Head to “Blogs I Follow” in the Reader. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into your own.

Ironically when I followed the instructions…the blog I landed on “SOMETIMES“…was also blogging about this challenge.  The third sentence…”I hope he won’t mind”

I wonder if he will notice the few pounds I have shed and how hard I have been working to regain part of my “pre-baby” body.  Does he see that I have been shedding my daily “SAHM” attire, which usually consists of a pair of sweats, with a half dozen holes in them and a shirt that still has spit up stains from nursing my babies so many moons ago?  Instead, I have replaced them with the new pairs of jeans that he insisted I buy for myself and the new tops that I purchased on clearance because the price of the jeans almost gave me a stroke.

Has he noticed that I have been trying harder at keeping the house a bit more tidy and not letting the kids just string everything they own from one end of the house to the other?  I too like a clean house…it calms my OCD restless mind.

Is my cooking improving?  Are all those hours spent watching the Food Network and skimming through Pinterest paying off?  I bet he would notice if I made something with Mayonnaise.  He hates that stuff.  I keep threatening that I am going to rest his ashes in a bulk sized container of it.

Wonder if he notices that my hair is in an imperative state and a patch of new gray hair has appeared, I swear, overnight on the China Express. Or how about the toe nail polish on my feet that is so grown out it looks like a french manicure.  And don’t let me even get started on my fingernails that do nothing but peel and chip since moving to the northern hemisphere of Nevada.  All of this is so ironic since I spent 20+ years working in the beauty industry.

Will he notice another laugh line appearing due to the fact that I have been laughing a lot more lately?  Or maybe because I am going to be another year older in a couple days.  We all know that on our birthday we wake up with some sort of random justification that “old age” is setting in. **wink wink**

Has he noticed that I stopped playing “Farmville2”?  Well not completely stopped but surely quit the slight obsession I had with it.

Occasionally all of these thoughts run through my head about my husband.  I am a real person with real emotions and concerns about how I am perceived in the eyes of my other half.  It’s what makes me a wife.  His wife.  It’s not a question of love, that I know…just a confirmation that I am doing right by him and that in a conversation amongst his friends he would be proud to call me “his wife“.


How I Found My Niche

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Hello, Goldilocks!.”

I have always had a job.  A month following my sweet 16th birthday, and after filling out several applications at various places, I was employed.

The job was at “Kmart“.  My boss was a pervert.  I got paid “in cash”every Friday.  That was their policy…an envelope of cash with an earnings slip inside.  For a teenager that is a dangerous concept.  I usually stopped at several different stores before actually making it to my bank account with the change…literally change…that was left over. I quit that job once I had gained enough “working experience” to get another job.  Mainly because I couldn’t handle the “pervert” anymore.  He was about 25 years my senior and a slob.  And all my fellow employees were women…attractive women….with the same complaint of creepiness about him.

My next job was working as a hostess for a hotel restaurant establishment.  If you are ever in the “not so little anymore” town of Rock Springs, WY there is a place there called the “Outlaw Inn“.  It’s been years since I have worked there so I can’t say the food is good anymore beings that the chef who was there when I was there is probably long gone.   But I hear they still serve “rocky mountain oysters” on the menu.  I thoroughly enjoyed working here.  The Chef and his wife were always so nice to me an loved that I could tally up the end of the night quickly and efficiently right down to the penny.  He used to time me with a stop watch and always with a smile on his face.  I was “let go” from there after a new floor manager came into play who’s daughter I didn’t get along well with at school.  “Lou” was very upset with her and the owner and from what I hear was not very pleased with my replacement.  Let’s just say he would be stuck there for hours waiting for her to balance her work sheets.

Here I was …my senior year in high school…and I needed yet another job.  I found one within days at an “answering service”.  This was long before the time of the internet.  I sat at a desk and plugged cords into an actual operator board.  Yes antiquated I know.  I left there to pursue my life in the big city after graduation.

I decided it was time to get a job that I could see myself succeeding at…one that I could somehow venture my foot into the door and make a career out of.  Somehow my crazy head thought about the “medical field”.  I am not fond of dealing with any bodily fluids therefore the “office” part of a medical practice was my best option.

The first doctor I worked for, a rheumatologist, was a slow paced family owned practice with a “maximum” amount of patients seen in a day.  I handled everything at the front desk.  Greeting patients, retrieving their charts, verifying any insurance coverage, answering the phone, checking the patients out and gathering payments.  And all of this recorded on ledger cards via a TYPEWRITER!  Yes you read that right…there was no computer system in that office.  Everything was typed onto a ledger card and filed alphabetically by the last name of the patient.  Once again….antiquated!  I resigned from there due to the fact that after two years of working my ass off I had not seen a raise or any form of medical benefits that I had been promised.

I went on to work for Hitler…another doctor who cared about nothing more then how much money each patient would bring in.   In this office there was a “minimum” amount of patients to be seen and if that amount wasn’t reached there was hell to pay.  This man was a complete whack job…even going to the extent of throwing patient’s charts at us and telling all his office staff how worthless and stupid we all were.  It’s no wonder that some girls would go on break and never return.

I battled through his ignorance and while doing so I attended cosmetology school.  I remember getting my nails done one time and thinking how great it would be to sit around and gossip all day and get paid for it.  Next thing I knew I was no longer the client but the beautician.  And finally I had found my niche.  I worked for myself and loved not having anyone breathing down my neck about this or that.  No perverts, no ignorance, no jealousy…nothing to deal with except for maybe the occasional picky client…but even the worst of those were better then any “authority” I had to deal with before.  For 20 years I built a career and someday…once my youngest has started full days of school…I will return to it…probably still blogging of course.


Local Flavor: Winnemucca

Local Flavor: Winnemucca

I live in the middle of nowhere a very small town with very little restaurants to choose from.   My husband and I try our best to have a couple date nights a month.  We had heard about Ormachea’s from some friends and decided to check it out.

When you first walk in the door your nose is greeted with flavors.  It’s a small antiquated dining room but don’t let that discourage you.  It’s obviously been around for awhile which usually means the food is yummy.  Now if Gordon RamsayUnknown-1 walked in the place I am sure the first thing he would comment on is where the bloody hell am I the decor but I guarantee he would love the food.

Although there are linens on the tables, the staff is dressed very casual which for Winnumucca, NV is quite the norm.  The first time we went in there my husband felt we were underdressed.  But the hostess was wearing jeans so I felt that we fit right in…and I like that feeling.

The menu is small but they always have a list of specials.  You get a glass of wine on the house with your dinner.  Which of course leads to buying 3 or 4 cases the bottle because who can have just one tiny glass of wine?  They also have a full bar for those who would like to get a bit tipsy wet their palletes with something other then wine.

Bread, soup, and salad are all served in a family style setting.  The soup is to die for.  And is devoured right down to the last drop.  Even if that means picking up the bowl and drinking it.  Or using the bread to sop up the final little dribbles.  I could honestly just go there to eat the bread and the soup.  Did I mention the bread is fresh…like right out of the oven to your table fresh!

Now if you are ordering steak and they ask you if you would like garlic with it… be prepared.  It isn’t a tiny amount of chopped garlic.  It’s whole pieces of roasted garlic and enough of it to keep 100 vampires from ever entering a 500 foot radius of your realm.  No, I am not kidding.  It’s a lot of garlic.  And I love garlic but even I had to take some of it to go.  The steak is done to perfection and if you ask for rare by golly it comes to your table still mooing.  It is so juicy and packed with flavor.  Even after you know your stomach is bulging over your pants about to explode you still keep packing it in just to keep your mouth watering.

They also serve many side dishes with the entrees.  Steamed veggies, potatoes or fries, beans, and they are all served family style so you can just dish whatever amount onto your plate you desire.

As far as price, it is a little on the pricey side but well worth it.  The food is plentiful and the staff has always been very helpful and pleasant.  It’s family friendly too, although I wouldn’t dare take my mini-monsters in there, it’s nice to know that I could if I was crazy enough wanted to.  So if you are ever here in this little town of Winnemucca and feel like steak, seafood, lamb, or fish…it’s your one stop eat.  Happy Trails.

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